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Best WiFi Range Extender App Anyfi

Best WiFi Range Extender App Anyfi

We commonly use WiFi networks for our needs. If we did not have enough mobile data for watching a video on youtube. Then we search for available WiFi networks. We can use wifi network in a limited area. Are you think about to extend Wifi network from one device to other. Yes, we can extend Wifi network range with the help of WiFi Range Extender application. Anyfi is one of a WiFi Range Extender App. Let’s know more about Anyfi Android application.


Anyfi – Free P2P WiFi

Anyfi is an Android app currently available on Google Play Store. It is a free application Anyfi referred as WiFi mesh network of smartphones. Anyfi is powered by mesh networking technology, a network system in which all nodes relay and route data for each other instead of through a static terminal. As I already said, Anyfi application shares WiFi connections between devices so that even devices out-of-range can connect to the network. Actually, a user device is automatically connected to nearby hotspots created by other devices and then it shares its own connection with others to create a WiFi mesh network of smartphones. So everyone gets equal benefits.

When you connected to a WiFi network, then your device act as a WiFi repeater with the help of Anyfi application. For works Anyfi on your device, you should turn on your WiFi and grand the VPN access permission. You can simply check how Anyfi works for you. For checking Anyfi WiFi Range Extender App working, you should have multiple devices running Anyfi in the network.

How to use Anyfi WiFi Range Extender App

1. First, you install the Anyfi application from Google Play Store.
2. Connect your device to a WiFi network.
3. Tap to open and Run the Anyfi app on your device.
4. Then run the Anyfi app on 1 or more your friend’s smartphones. And ensure that the device did not connect to a WiFi network.
5. Make sure the WiFi is enabled on these devices. Then watch as the devices connect.

Anyfi is secure?

For anything, security is our major concern. In the case of a peer to peer network, security is really important. Anyfi ensures user security. Anyfi’s network guarantees the following security features:

  • Bilateral Authentication
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Robust Layer-1 Encryption
  • System Isolation & Integrity

Learn more about Anyfi Security and other features Click here to read from Anyfi Official Website.

Updated: May 17, 2018 — 5:53 pm

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