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How to detect who is connected to my WiFi Router

How to detect who is connected to my WiFi Network

It’s a possibly confused thing, sometimes some peoples access to our wifi network without permission. In that case, people change their wi-fi router settings, change the password and then back to normal. But the same thing repeats? people may get really confused. So today here I’m sharing a helper or a solution for all people who needs more security for their wi-fi network. It is an Android mobile application named “WiFi Thief Detector – Who Use My WiFi?”. It finds who are connected to a wifi network. Let’s see the detailed information about the application.


WiFi Thief Detector App – Detects Who are connected to a Wi-Fi Network

WiFi Thief Detector app finds the people who are connected to the wi-fi router. So with WiFi Thief Detector app, the user can find any unauthorized access to his/her wi-fi network and block it immediately. The application developed by a team named WiFi Router – WiFi Booster. Currently the WiFi Thief Detector App available on Google Play Store with good user reviews. The content of the app rated age 3+. And it listed under tools category on Play Store.

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WiFi Thief Detector app is the best Netcut app and WiFi thief blocker. It easy to detecting who are using or connected to the wi-fi network. So you can easy your job with WiFi Thief Detector app. Because you can easy to block the intruder who are accessing your wi-fi network. So you get more security for your WiFi network. It not only works as a wi-fi thief blocker it can also enhance the Wi-Fi booster signal and improve the Internet browsing experience with Wi-Fi repeater. So you getting the faster internet connection.

If a person who access your Wi-Fi network and anything is uploading or downloading, it really affected your Wi-Fi connection. Your internet speed becomes too slow. If you use this kind of an application you can overcome these issues.

Get the App From Google Play Store

WiFi Thief Detector can easily scan and find how many device connected to your network router such as tplink/tp-link router, dlink router, netgear router or huawei router etc. It can find Wi-Fi access, Wi-Fi downloads, etc. With this app user can possible to access the Wi-Fi settings through the router by simply logging in as the administrator on the routers page. You need an add-on application for that but it works perfectly fine in sync with this application. And It user-interface giving great experience for users. If you need this app, you can easy to get it from Google Play Store.

Updated: March 18, 2018 — 6:14 pm

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