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The Upcoming features of WhatsApp in 2020

Whatsapp, the popular messenger application is always trying to add new features to make the platform more user-friendly for its users. As a messenger application, WhatsApp brings lots of features. We always want to get new updates in WhatsApp. WhatsApp growing every year. Now, billions of people using WhatsApp world wide. Today here I’m sharing the upcoming features of WhatsApp in 2020.


Upcoming Features of WhatsApp in 2020

The latest reports say lots of useful features will come in WhatsApp in 2020. WhatsApp is a widely used application. Everyone using this application for official and personal purposes. WhatsApp gets dark mode features at the beginning of 2020. This will reduce the strain of users facing while using WhatsApp at night. WhatsApp currently working on this dark theme option. Live in Story is another great feature of WhatsApp. This will be available in 2020. You can share live moments as Story to your friends and family. Also, they can comment on your story. But their profile name and comment are the only information visible in the comment section, so no one can’t access other’s profiles through your story.

Stories archive, It is another great feature WhatsApp will be introduced in 2020. Nowadays people widely using the WhatsApp status feature. When we update status, it only active in 24 hours. After that, the status content will be removed automatically. But the new Stories archive feature enables users to keep some most viewed or important statuses in a special Stories archive section.

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In the 2020’s beginning, WhatsApp will introduce another useful feature, which is Self Disappearing messages feature. Currently, this feature is available in Telegram and Facebook Messenger. By using this option, you can set a time for your messages sending through WhatsApp. When time is up, the message will disappear from both of your chat windows.

Face Unlock is the next feature WhatsApp will be introduced in 2020. With this feature, you can unlock WhatsApp using your face. This is not only for the WhatsApp app. It also helps to protect a particular chat in WhatsApp. You can lock a particular chat window using this face unlock feature.

Last Seen for Selected contacts: This is a feature that more people want in WhatsApp. Now we can disable last seen completely from WhatsApp. But this new feature helps you to set Last seen only for selected contacts. So you can easily remove some contacts too. Like this, users can also set Online for selected contacts. Then that particular contacts only seen that you are online.

Animated Smilies the next feature WhatsApp providing for all platforms include Android. Multiple Device Sign in the another useful feature WhatsApp will be provided in 2020. We can’t judge this feature now, just wait and see how this feature useful for users.

Group moderation is another feature, this helps group admins to manage groups well. When a group member post something in a group, it visible in the group after admin approval.

Features List:

  • WhatsApp Dark Mode
  • Live in Story
  • Stories Archive
  • Self Disappearing
  • Face Unlock
  • Last Seen for Selected Contacts
  • Online for Selected Contacts
  • Animated Smilies
  • Multiple Device Sign in
  • Group Moderation


Updated: December 27, 2019 — 5:51 am

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