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WhatsApp web gets Status Feature in this new update

WhatsApp web gets Status Feature in this new update

Like WhatsApp mobile application, Whatsapp web version is also familiar for everyone. We can see that Whatsapp web have fewer features when we compared to WhatsApp mobile app. After this latest update, The WhatsApp Status feature is available in WhatsApp web version. That means, the WhatsApp Status on web is available now.


Whatsapp is a well-known messenger application. And everybody using this. Currently, Whatsapp has 1 billions of daily users. So we can say that WhatsApp is the most successful messenger application ever. Some months ago, Maybe February 2017, WhatsApp rolled out a new status feature in worldwide on the Whatsapp mobile application. At that time they get lots of good and bad feedbacks against the new status feature. But presently most of the users are using this feature every day. So now, they roll out the status feature on the WhatsApp web client.

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The Status feature is presented as great in the WhatsApp for web. You can see a circle icon at the right of your profile picture. When you click on it, a black window will appear. And the status updated contacts are listed on the left side. For viewing your friends status, simply tap on their contact. But one drawback is, you can’t update your status through this web client.

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The WhatsApp status feature is really worked. Lots of peoples are engaged with this app because of this kind of awesome features. Now, with the Status feature, people change their old form of text status to a short video or photos. The WhatsApp confirmed that the status feature is end-to-end encrypted like Whatsapp Chats. And it only stays 24 hrs, after 24 hrs the status will be removed automatically.

Updated: August 22, 2017 — 5:13 pm

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