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WhatsApp Gets New Update

WhatsApp New Update

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform owned by Facebook. Everytime WhatsApp brings useful features on its new update. Now, WhatsApp Delete Message for Everyone feature gets a major update. A year ago, WhatsApp rolled out Delete For Everyone Feature. It enables the sender to delete their messages within 420 seconds or 7 minutes. After that, WhatsApp extends this time limit to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds. But Now, WhatsApp’s “delete message for everyone” feature gets a useful update in its recipient side. In the latest update, the recipient gets the control for deleting a received message. Let’s go for the Detail about Whatsapp new update on WhatsApp Delete Message for everyone feature.


WhatsApp Delete Message for everyone feature Gets New Update

The reports say, the popular messaging platform WhatsApp is soon going to roll out a new update on the existing ‘Delete Message for Everyone’. The update explains, If the recipient does not receive the delete request for the message in 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds then the message will not be deleted. As usual, the sender can delete the message but there is some differences in its working. When the sender going for the option delete message for everyone, the recipient receives a text message ‘delete a WhatsApp message’. In case the recipient phone was switched off or network connection failure any kind of reason, the recipient does not receive the revoke request within 13 hours, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds then the sent message won’t be revoked or deleted on the recipient side. In this situation, the sender will notify with a message that is the revoke message request was turned down because of the time limit.

If you update WhatsApp, you will get the new feature. And you can start using it. But WhatsApp does not give an option to disable or remove this feature. The reports say that WhatsApp added the new Recipient limit feature to stop users from deleting older delivered messages. Because lots of people are trying to delete WhatsApp messages by tweaking mobile system settings.

In the last month, WhatsApp was rolled out Dark mode and swipe-to-reply. The dark mode feature provides a dark background to the regular WhatsApp interface. This may help users to reduce the strain on their eyes while using WhatsApp on Night. Swipe to Reply feature helps the user to just swipe on the message and that message will be selected for the reply.

Updated: October 17, 2018 — 7:02 pm

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