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WhatsApp Says, They Looking for Ways to Minimise Fake News

How to Spread Fake News

We all know that today our society faces lots of issues cause fake news, It spread over through social media like WhatsApp, facebook etc. The social media’s are created for good purposes. But lots of them have used it as very bad. They create fake news and posted in Facebook, WhatsApp or any social media. It spread through this media and at last, it affects the society really badly. In this situation, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg says that Facebook has a new mission as it deals with fake news. And they started the mission against Fake news spread through their platform.


WhatsApp Says, It Looking for Ways to Minimise Fake News


Now, WhatsApp said that It is looking for ways to minimise Fake News spread through its platform.

The WhatsApp software engineer ‘Alan Kao’, He termed the situation as “complex” because of the end-to-end encryption of messages on the platform that does not allow anyone – except the sender and the receiver – to read the WhatsApp messages.

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“We definitely do not want to see fake news on our platform and it’s a complex problem in determining what is fake and what isn’t. Because of the encryption, we can’t read the contents of the messages,” Kao says to reporters in New Delhi. Also, He says that the Facebook-owned company is looking at different ways in which they can tweak the product to “try and minimise” fake news.

India is the largest market for WhatsApp. Over 200 million users are from India. In India, Lots of Fake news are spread through WhatsApp in this year, and it increased day by day. So this decision of WhatsApp is really helpful for all WhatsApp users.

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The Whatsapp software engineer ‘Alan Kao’, said WhatsApp is taking a number of steps, including educating users to explain that they should check the authenticity of content before sharing it on the platform.
Also, In the last month, Electronics and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said instances of “objectionable videos” being shared through WhatsApp have been noticed.

Since WhatsApp did not have content of the messages available with them, their ability to take action was limited, he had said.
We got this information from a top technology website Here is the link, you can check more information about WhatsApp fake news.


Updated: August 22, 2017 — 8:14 pm

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