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Try Multiple Whatsapp Accounts on a Device

Whatsapp 2 Accounts on a Device

Most of the people are using dual sim phone because they need dual sim support. Whatsapp is the common app for all smartphone users, the billions of Whatsapp users are the real example. So if we can use Whatsapp 2 account on a device is really helpful. Many people using Whatsapp for official purpose and Personal use. So we need to create 2 WhatsApp account, one for official purpose and another one for personal use. Because our personal contact number use in official purpose may create some issues in life. So lots of people carrying two mobile devices, one for personal use and another one for the official purpose. If we can carry two Whatsapp account on a single device, it solves this issues. Let’s think about how it’s possible? Yes, it really easy with GBWhatsapp.


What is GBWhatsapp

The GBWhatsapp is an Android application, And it same as Whatsapp application, And gives more features than official Whatsapp app. Currently lots of people using the GBWhatsapp, because it is secure and gets so many features than the official Whatsapp. Whatsapp users may confuse about this GBWhatsapp, because how to replace the existing Whatsapp with this GBWhatsapp, if it is secure and keep the user privacy, etc. etc.
But the reality is the GBWhatsapp is secure and the reports say lots of people using this app.

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Here are the extra features of GBWhatsapp

  • It can hide online status when we are using WhatsApp. That means when you are online in WhatsApp, the others can not see as you are in online. So it makes more privacy for a user.
  • When a message is delivered, Whatsapp shows two ticks. With this app, you can hide the second tick noticing the message is delivered.
  • It hides the blue tick. The blue tick is the symbol as we see the message. With this app, you can hide the blue tick for contacts as well as Group chats.
  • When we typing, WhatsApp noticing the writing status of the others. If you are not like this Whatsapp feature, you can hide it.
  • The user can hide recording status like the writing status.
  • The user can hide blue microphone when you open voice in contact or group chat.


With this extra features, you can make fun in your chats. because they can’t identify when you are typing or send the voice message, message reading status etc.

Updated: December 25, 2017 — 7:17 pm

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