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How to Add Watermark on Videos easily

Best Watermark App for Add Watermark on Videos easily

Everyone shared their own videos on Social media platforms. But sometimes others may steal that videos and publish on their channel as their own video. If you want to add your identity to your videos, you should add a watermark to your videos. You can add your name or logo as the watermark that identifies you. Add a watermark to photos is quite simple. But in the case of video, it is a difficult task. For that, you need to edit and add the watermark to the video. We search for application for all our needs. Because it reduces the difficulties. So why should use an application for add watermark for videos? We have so many mobile applications are available for add watermark to videos. Today here I’m also sharing a watermark app that support for add watermark to Videos and Photos.


iWatermark+ Watermark Videos & Photos Protection

iWatermark+ is an Android application developed by Plum Amazing. Currently available on Google Play Store under Photography category of apps. You can add watermarks to your photos or videos created on Android or Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Samsung etc. Using this app, you can add watermarks using your name, logo, copyright, trademark, QR code, signature, etc.

The main advantage of the iWatermark app is it does not contains ads and it has no In-App Purchases. That means it is a completely free application with no ads. In the case of mobile applications, ads are the main thing that harms the user interface quality. The iWatermark app has a simple user-friendly interface. And it delivers good user-experience. iWatermark supports 7 Watermark Types include 5 Visible Watermarks and 2 Invisible Watermarks.

Visible Watermarks

  • Text – and change the font, color, angle, opacity, etc
  • Arc Text
  • Bitmap Graphics – import your logo or use our library
  • Signature Scan – creates a watermark of your signature
  • QRCode – creates a watermark that is like a barcode, readable by any smartphone camera and can contain up to 4000 characters of info

Invisible Watermarks

  • Metadata – for making watermarks that include IPTC/EXIF tags (like camera info, GPS, copyright, etc.) info
  • Steganographic – for hiding a watermark in the color data of a photo.

Key features of iWatermark+ Listed Below

  • iWatermark supports to add watermark for photos and videos too
  • Users can able to create 7 watermark types, text, text on an arc, bitmap, signature, QR, metadata, and steganographic
  • Steganographic watermark that embeds info invisibly in the photo.
  • It keeps a database of all your watermarks
  • App allows users to add multiple watermarks to one photo
  • Watermark one or multiple photos in batch mode
  • 292 excellent fonts for your text watermarks
  • Engrave and emboss text
  • Signature scanner to instantly import your signature or graphic as a watermark.
  • iWatermark has the options for live preview and editing of font, color, scale, opacity, size, position and angle.
Updated: June 2, 2018 — 12:07 pm

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