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Use Screen Filter App and Take Care Your Eyes

Use Screen Filter App and Take Care Your Eyes

In a human body, each and every part is important. Eyes, a really important organ in the human body. We can live without eyes. But we need to survive the darkness. When we lose our eyesight, every day we may be begging for some lights. Lots of blind persons are living in this world. Some successful persons are also there. But it not enough reason to lose the eyesight. Blind people can know the importance of eyes. Today our lifestyle is so much changed and most of our activities are affecting very negatively for our eyes. In our day to day life, we can’t avoid mobile phones. Because it is a needy gadget. If we use it carefully, it does not make any issues in our life. Otherwise, it may damage our eyesight, total health, and life. To take care of your eyes, you should control the light on your mobile phone. Reduce brightness overnight. Lots of people using screen filters app to protect their eyes. If you search on Google Play Store, you can see many screen filter apps. Today here I’m sharing an Android screen filter app named Screen Filter.


Screen Filter

Screen Filter is an Android application developed by haxor industry. Currently, the app is available on Google Play Store under Tools category of apps. Over 5 million people downloaded this Screen Filter Application from Google Play Store and more than 125 thousands of people rated. It has an average rating of 4.5. This is a small sized application. Its size is just 91K. Normally we can reduce the screen brightness in settings. But maybe it not that much accurate for our eyes. The Screen Filter app applies a shade that acts as a dimmer to protect your eyes in a good manner. Lots of people shared their positive experience in the Google Play Store. With the Screen Filter app, you can do web browsing, low-light gaming, eBook reading and anything without any strain. Screen Filter app providing useful widgets that enable users to easily access preset brightness levels.


Another special feature of the Screen Filter app is Tasker/Locale Plug-in. It enables users to set brightness based on time/place/etc. Users can also disable it by configuring the brightness level as 100%. The app also helps to save battery life for AMOLED displays. App providing an option to disable soft-key backlight. But this option may not work on all phones.

Updated: October 22, 2018 — 6:06 pm

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