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Are you Bored? How to use this Quarantine Time as useful?

Now, the whole world facing a common issue COVID 19. Coronavirus spreading all over the world. People are suffering to overcome this situation. Many countries are in a worse situation due to affected coronavirus. To stop spreading coronavirus, India is currently on lockdown. In this home quarantine period, most of the people are saying they are bored at home. But we all know that time is a precious gift of God. Use this lockdown period effectively. Let’s think about what are your favorite hobbies. Just do it.


Some people have the skills to draw well, some others have dancing, singing, and more great skills. Let’s develop your skill at this time and use it in your life. Here I will share something that will be interesting for you.

Cooking: Cooking is a passion for some people. We all love food, just make some new recipes in this lockdown period and develop your cooking skills.

Gardening: Flowers, the plants all bring a positive feel to our home. Make a small and cute garden at this time. You may not get this much time after this lockdown period.

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Yoga / Workout: In this lockdown period, you can’t go to the gym. So do home workouts and get health benefits. If you are not already doing workouts at the gym, you can start workouts at home. Many home workouts applications are available in the app market to do workout easily at home. Just download a good workout application and start the workout. Physical and mental strength is very important for a human being. Yoga is best for both. Start yoga it’s really beneficial for your life.

Watch movies/series: We can spend this time watching movies on television or stream content in Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar or other streaming services as we all have access to the internet.

Reading Books: Reading books is a common hobby for people. Through reading, we can enjoy the time and develop our skills well.

Updated: April 17, 2020 — 7:15 am

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