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Unified Messaging App Disa Combines Multiple Apps

Unified Messaging App Disa Combines Multiple Apps

A single person involved with multiple social media platforms. It’s a usual thing. But the unusual thing is if he/she can access all their social media apps from a single app. We commonly using SMS, Telegram, FB Messenger in its own separate apps and do the same thing messaging. These all apps are consuming some space from your device storage and also making cache files to take more space. The continuous usage may lead your device storage space running out. Then you can’t install other apps and also without enough space most of the apps not work properly. You can’t download images, videos etc. Lots of issues you may need to face. Today here I’m sharing just a solution for this. A Unified messaging app that combines all messaging app into a single platform. App named Disa, let’s know more about Disa App.


Disa – Message hub for SMS, Telegram, FB Messenger

Disa is an all in one Android messaging app currently available on Google Play Store under the Communication category of apps. Disa App powered by Disa Technologies, Inc. The app enables users to combine all of their messaging apps to this single app. It acts as a Message hub, You can combine combining multiple chats & messaging platforms into one central application. So it called as a unified messaging app. So it drops the need to download other messaging apps and keep your device perfectly. Over 1 million people downloaded the Disa App from Google Play Store and more than 38 thousands of people rated. And the app has an average rating of 4.1 stars.

Disa is a Free application, brings lots of good features. It providing multiple settings and customization options to organize your messages. You can personalize your chatting experience, create mixed groups with contacts from any messaging service, set different font colors for text and message bubbles, send videos, emojis etc.. The app enables you to easily merge SMS and  text from different messaging services coming from a single contact into one unified thread and then send the messages to your contacts directly from Disa.

Updated: November 26, 2018 — 5:13 am

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