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Truthify, An App Identifying our Emotions

Truthify, An emotion app Identifying our Emotions


Truthify, an emotion app. When we are sad, our best friends easily identified it. And they ask for the reason for our emotions. If we are smiling, Crying or any of our emotions other peoples can easily identify. Are you think about a machine identifying your emotions? Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) technology proving this kind of machine learning experiments as a success. Like that we found a new application it can identify our emotions easily. App named Truthify, currently its iOS version is available on App Store. And the Android version will be coming soon. Let’s know more about Truthify Application.


Truthify identifies users emotions by analyzing their facial expressions. We always communicate with our friends or family via messenger apps or social media platforms. Most of the people prefer text messaging to communicating with each other. Text messaging never identify our feelings or emotions if we are not saying. A face to face talk is better to share emotions. The Truthify app trying to read your face while you watch a video and feels the emotion you feel. When we see a video on Facebook we just like or share our emotion by clicking on the icons. At that time, we just decide and click or tap on the icon. But the Truthify app automatically identifying your emotion when you watch a video.

The Truthify app uses the latest emotional artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze 43 facial muscles 14 times a second, using your device front-facing camera. The algorithms work while you are typing message, or sharing a video or picture. Also, it works well when you reading or watching your friends’ messages. And both the sender and recipient can see the emotion outcomes in real time, with the top two emotions being given priority. These two emotions are shows with percentages, which indicate which emotion is most observed by the people involved. The app contains 7 emotional states such as fear, anger, disgust, happiness, contempt, sadness, and surprise. It reads the small involuntary movements of the muscles in a person’s face called “micro-expressions” to identify the emotions experienced when watching a video.

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This is a different thought, Kevin Knull, CEO, and co-founder of Truthify App. You can find more information about this app on its official website If you are an iPhone user, you can install the app from there. I think you may enjoy this app.

Updated: July 21, 2018 — 6:39 pm

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