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Traffic Guru – Traffic Awareness Game App From Kerala Police

Traffic Guru – A Kerala Police App for Traffic Awareness

Nowadays Kerala Police very active in social media. In this new generation, people get lots of changes. Everyone spends a huge amount of time on social media platforms. So Kerala Police run their awareness programs via social media channels like Facebook. Over Seven Hundred thousands of people liked Kerala Police official facebook page. Recently, Kerala Police trolls are viral on social media, lots of people liked the way they present the informative thoughts. Like that, Kerala Police also developed an Android application named Traffic Guru. Traffic-related issues, day by day accident rates are increasing in Kerala. So Kerala Police created an app to bring awareness to the public in a better way. Let’s know more about Kerala Police App Traffic Guru.


Traffic Guru

Traffic Guru is an Android application, currently available in Google Play Store. It is an Educational category of app. Kerala Police App Traffic Guru is a Game application, as the same time user learns the main rules and regulations while driving a vehicle. Everyone having problems in their life. But you should maintain a clear mind while driving, should focus on driving is really important. A simple mistake may cause serious accidents. This application mainly focusing to bring awareness to the people. Through this application, you can learn the rules and regulation we should obey while driving.


Some people are addicted to racing games, this Traffic Guru is that kind of an app but it also provides traffic awareness. In other racing games, ‘learning and safety’ has no importance. But in the case of Traffic Guru, ‘Safe Driving’ is its master key. Traffic Guru user-interface is really simple. When you opening the app, you can see 6 buttons on its homepage. That are Drive, Profile, Garage, Tutorials, Credits and so on.

  • When you tap on the first option career, you can see two options, career and Free Form. If you take career option, you should obey the traffic rules while playing the game. But in Free Form, there is no rules and regulations.
  • Second Button Profile, tap on the profile button then you can see the points you earned.
  • Third Button is Garage. Under the garage option, you can choose the type of vehicle you want to use while playing the game.
  • The fourth Button is Tutorials, here they include some traffic awareness videos.
  • The Fifth Button is Options, Under this section, you can turn off sound, music, vibration etc.. Also you will know about the controls using on this game, How to play the game etc..
  • The last one is Credits, here you can see the information of the developers of this application.

Kerala Police launched this application to bring traffic awareness to the public. Also, they are trying to update the game to its next level. So you can post your suggestions under the review section in play store.

Updated: October 2, 2018 — 6:20 am

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