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Track android phone using Google Find My Device Service

Android smartphones are highly essential and have a great market value. Day by day lots of good smartphones from various brands has arrived on market with great specification. In the case of smartphones, common people are also buying costly one for their personal use. Most of the Android users are buying phones by attracting its specification with an unmatchable price range. What are you doing when your costly phone was lost? Don’t be afraid. Android operating system owned by Google. Google providing most of the useful services for an Android user. Google also providing an awesome tool for track android phone when it was lost. Google Find My Device is an app and service provided by Google. Let’s go for the detail.

Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device is the best tool to track android phone when it was lost. Find My Device is a pre-installed application for most of the Android devices. If your device has not already this application installed, just download and install it from Google Play Store. And you should also check if find my device is enabled in your device.

  •  First, check the Find My device is enabled in your Android device.
           Go to settings -> Security -> Device Administration - > Find My Device
  • 2. Turn On Location on your device
           Go to settings -> Location-> turn on it by just a single tap.
  • 3. Check Google Play visibility is on
          Go to , Sign in with your Google account that sync with your Android device.

Here you can see the list of devices sync with your Google account and the visibility is enabled or not. If it is not enabled, just check the checkbox under visibility option.

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How to track Android device using Google Find My Device

          Go to the link

Then Sign in with your Google Account. Here you can see the location, wifi network information, battery level and also IMEI number. And it provides some options like play a sound on your device, Erase data, Lock device. And a map will show you the current location of the device, if its location enabled on it or when it last online.  If you click on the Play a sound button, your device will start ringing even if it in silent. Also, you can set a new screen lock for your device or change the previous lock. And the erase data operation will remove all the data on your device. If you erase the data, then no longer available this service for you. Because all the data will clear including find my device settings.

Updated: January 26, 2019 — 7:17 am

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