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Top 10 Mobile apps for learn English faster


Language is the ability to acquire  and  complex systems of  communication. Particularly the human ability to do  so and a language is any   specific example of such a  system  .Linguistics language means scientific study of language . Language  may refer to the cognitive  ability to learn and use  systems, or the  set of rules  that  makes  up these systems of complex communication.


The use of language is deeply entrenched in the human  culture. Human beings acquire language  through social  interaction in  from childhood.  I think Approximately, From  3 years  onwards the children started speak fluently , So the language is deeply entrenched in the human culture.

English is an international  language . It is the primary language  of several  countries.  English can be divided  into three sections old  English, middle English and modern  English. Now, you can learn English through  the different apps. Here  we are introducing 10 Free  mobile apps for both Android and IOS that helps you to learn English. Most of these  apps take advantage  of the interactivity that smartphones can provide in order to create gamified   learning environment.

1. Duolingo

One of the biggest draws of  Duolingo  is its gamified  learning  system. Duolingo is the most  popular  way to learn  a  language. It’s 100  free  fun  and  science  based. Learning platform that includes  a language  Learning website and app as well  as digital.


2. Memrise

It provides large varieties of  language, including Our global language  English. It is a crowdsourced learning platform . The app integrates with your main account . You can  use this app  without  internet   connection  you  can  learn  English through this app.

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It  is a language  learning  vocabulary tool. It uses  a  popular language. A processing method that makes it able to recommend real texts  to you based on vocabulary tests  and your interest.


4. Learn English Grammar UK Edition and US Edition

It was developed by British Council .You can improve your grammar, especially accuracy. There are four levels of questions , starting at the Beginner  Level and Going  all the way up to Advanced level and there is 12 grammar  exercise are there in that 20 activities  will be there for each topic. They introduced  two editions are UK and US English.


Edition Android IOS

5. Johnny Grammar’s word challenge

It is a fun little quiz application. It is having  both so many exercises related  to  60 seconds. You have  to solve questions given by the app. There are three difficulty levels will be there. There will be a different  10 questions  about varieties of topics . It helps to all level to know. You can even compete with another version global leaderboard.


6. Learn English Speak English

It is very highly communicative app. This app helps you to improve your English language through devices  voice reignition technology to stimulate a voice call  with a native English  speaker . It is very Interesting app. It helps you to clarify the doubts in conversation sentence  ,vocabulary items, and another comprehension etc.. with the help of different levels  of exercises . There are 100 levels are there to study . But  free versions are only up to 16 levels .After that, you have  to pay for each level.

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7. My  word  Book 2

It  is  a  vocabulary notebook  app  through  this  app  you  can learn  English  with  flashcards  that  contain pictures, sounds, and  sentences  to  help you  to  remember  these  words. It sourced from Cambridge University press learner dictionaries. My word Book extra features to create  your own flashcard.


8. Phrasalstein

These apps are very tricky. It is very useful app for brushing up this aspect of English grammar. The app is designed like a classic horror movie and has 100 phrasal verbs. You can learn through humorous animations  And it gives  meanings and example sentence as well as the translations in Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and French.


9. Bussu 

It is like a social network for learning  language. Bussu lessons are based on the common European Framework of reference  to  Language ,So the  app is reliable .

You can follow this course or choose activities that are  from relevant to you . It is flexible to learn and had relevant content .It has 150 topics with more than 3000 words and phrases . But the free version is only 20 units.


10. Fun Easy  Learn English

It is also a vocabulary app . It is more than 6000 words of its database. The app  has  the function  like  random topic , subtopic, and game for you to keep you on your toes. You can  use this app  without  data connection.


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