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TOP 10 Android Browsers


The web browser is a software application for  retrieving presenting  and traversing  information resource on the world wide web. In simple , a web browser is an application program that provides  a look at communicating  with all information on the world wide web.


By saying technical language  web browser is a client  program used  by HTTP to make a request for web servers throughout the Internet on the behalf of browser used.

In this tutorial, we are discussing the 10 best Android  browser  of 2016.When you  browse you can enjoy the world of content. The following are the best 10 android browsers of 2016

1. Dolphin Browser

It is a fast and ease to use on your android device. It’s having of feature to help you to navigate the web effectively. It has an awesome browsing features. This browser is easy to browse site and you can  enjoy the content of your device. It includes bookmarks panels  also, which slides out to the left of the  screen . You can customize  according  to the order for books marks by clicking and dragging them around the list . It includes a speed dial for fast access to visit the common pages.

It includes a speed  dial for fast access to visit  the  common pages . It is user friendly one. It could have the support of touch gestures. It allows to draws  a letter or a symbol of the screen to access the particulars site . And specially is that you can develop your own  style of gestures . It is very quick and it includes full supports of HTML 5.

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2. FireFox

It was  first introduced to mobile phones.It has an impressive  feature to back it up. It includes desktop syncing,privacy features,bookmarks,sharing,chrome cast, supports  you will  access   to some  adding on to improve the browsing experience . It is very powerful and easy  and  free to use. If you want ,you can also check out the beta version  of firefox. It   will provide  a  satisfied experience of browsing.

3. Flynx

It helps you to open articles and links  to all your favourites app like facebook ,twitter,WhatsApp,google etc…It is fantastic free app that replaces the default web browser on your phone .Tap any link  with any app and page loads in the background . At the same time,a  chat head like icons pops up on the side of your display . It saves time . It will load very fast than any other. It could read  easily,and we save offline so that you can read later. It allows you to open multiple links, It shares links quickly to your favourite apps like Facebook ,twitter etc.. And even you can translate into 15 languages  including Arabic,Brazilian,Chinese etc…

4. Ghostery Browser

It is best known for its extension of firefox .It allows the block website trackers are being used .It puts all of your functions  of  browser so that  you can access the same thing in  the  browser. It featured but it gets the job done has at least the stuff. It will help you in speed up ,clean up, and lock down you ,site and apps.

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5. Google Chrome

Most of the  people are using  google chrome , It indeed popular with the users .  Because  most of the people are using  the google chrome .  It is very quick browsing .You   can  browse anything whatever you want. It has non- stopping  browsing It has material

design ,deep integration, and other features also….

6. Mercury browser

This browser introduces before the entry  to  IOS .It focuses on privacy and security of browsing it includes a  passcode  .It has flash supported gesture  control.  You can select which search engine you want to use . It is very reliable ,and quick loading .It works perfectly without any drops  …

7. Naked browser

The  most feature is that you can find in the other favour of speeding. Agree that there is same sacrifice  that needs to be made and the makes to be made sacrifices as possible.

8. Opera browser

Opera browser is one of the most popular browsers in Android  .  It’s having the feature of speed dial it means that you can your favourite site on your home page. .you can also try out the beta  version of course.

9. Puffin browser

It is definitely known as the wild card on the test. It helps to browse some strange and unique    feature ,it includes virtual   mouse    pad ,gaming more browser  etc…just for incognito mode and saving features. It is very  quick result is very interesting and  different

10. UC Browser

It is one of the most  popular browser on the google play store . It aims at  the Outside the country or foreigners  . It also has a bunch of  features   It includes ad block,data compression etc… It has some unique features like increasing speed while on the facebook .It is an absolutely free app to use  and rock it…

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