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Text to Voice App Narrator’s Voice Helps to covert text to Narrators voice

Text to Voice App Narrator’s Voice Helps to covert text to Narrators voice

Human developing machine to easy their jobs. The idea is at its peak. Now, for everything we have an easy solution. The machines are reducing our hard work and make the job as easy. Like that today we use mobile applications for our needs. Learn a new language is too difficult. But now, we have many applications are available to learn a language. Sometimes we do not need to know a language to speak, some translator applications help us to translate the language from our native language to any other language. Today here I’m sharing an Application like this. App named Narrator’s voice. Text to voice app, can convert text contents to voice and voice contents to voice. Anyone can easily notice clear voice content. The app is currently available in Google Play Store. Let’s know more about this application.


Narrator’s Voice

Narrator’s Voice is an Android application helps users to convert text content to voice content as well as voice content to voice content. And you can save the resulting output as an audio file (mp3 format) or a video file. The Narrator’s Voice app currently listed under the Comics category of apps on the Play Store. Escolha Tecnologia developed this application. As per Google Play Store records, over 5 million people downloaded this application. Over 584 thousands of people rated this application and it has an average rating of 4.5. It last updated on October 5, 2018. App content rated age 3+. You can easily download and install the Narrator’s voice app from Google Play Store and use it as free. But the free version contains ads. It has also paid version available. Maybe the paid version does not contain ads.


It contains a wide range of supported languages include Arabic, Catalan(Spain), Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English (India, Australia), French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese etc. And also having reliable, pleasant sounding voices. You can convert any text content or your voice to the pleasant-sounding voices like Cortana. When you type some text content, just tap the play icon showing below. Then the app converts the text to voice and plays it for you. After that, you can customize the voice. Can change the voice, increase or reduce volume, makes some echo etc. After finishing up, you can save it as audio file format or video file format or share directly from the app. The app needs permission to access storage.

Updated: October 21, 2018 — 5:40 pm

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