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Text language translator App Snaptrans for Android

In this generation, people widely using social media and messenger apps. So they also need some supporting apps like keyboard apps, translator apps, stickers apps etc. In the case of the Translator app, we can get lots of text translator, translate text from image etc. Today here I’m sharing a text language translator app for Android. You can use this app while chatting with friends. Let’s know more about this application.

SnapTrans – language translate,translate text

The Snaptrans is an Android app available in the Google Play Store with good user reviews. CoolTranslate Team developed this wonderful translator app. You can find this app under the Tools category of apps on Play Store. SnapTrans app will translate English to Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam or other languages in one step. Usually, we are using social media apps like Facebook,WhatsApp,Messenger etc. When you want to translate the language, you can simply be done with this text language translator app Snaptrans. So you can chat with anyone in this world, even if you don’t fluent in their language. Using this app, you can translate any text into your native language to make reading much easier, chat with foreign language friends easily.

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The SnapTrans app has 4 major features available, Bubble text translate, Input box text translate, App language translate, Quick setting, intelligent translation. The bubble text translation feature is made for people who need translator support while chatting in social media apps.

  • Bubble text translates: Like messenger applications, just drag the translation ball onto the bubble text, it can change the language you know, and communicate directly with anyone you want,.
  • Input box text translate: App providing an input field, enter any language in the field, just drag the translation ball to the input field and the text will convert to the language you want.
  • App language translate: This converts the language of an app. Open any app and quickly double-click on the translation ball, all the text in the app will become the language you know. This feature useful for the apps contains stories or write-ups. You can read foreign language stories easily with your own language.
  • Quick setting, intelligent translation: You can preset the preferred languages, the translation ball will be intelligently translated between 33 languages with a simple drag. Like English to Hindi, Tamil to Hindi, Tamil to English etc..
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I hope this app will useful for you.. If you have any comments just post it below.

Updated: February 11, 2019 — 7:31 pm

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