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Telegram WhatsApp, two equally good communication applications. Both of them have lots of similarities, at the same time those have differences too. First of all, you just know about its features and choose which is more preferable for your use. WhatsApp is a widely establishing communication app that was released in January 2009. It exists for IOS, Andriod, Windows phone 8, Windows 10 mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry. Telegram is also a communication app that was released in August 2013. Telegram exists for Android, IOS, Windows phone, Windows NT, macOS, and LINUX. Though both the WhatsApp and telegram are great messaging services, WhatsApp is obviously the giant in instant messaging space and telegram has been touted as an ultimate WhatsApp alternative. Both the apps let you send text, media among other files with ease. Even though both the apps seem similar to each other, there are many differences which rate their quality. Let’s see some of Telegram WhatsApp differences.


Whatsapp currently possess more than one billion monthly active users whereas telegram has only 100 million users. Whatsapp provides detailed information like read receipt ie, whether the text is read or not by the receiver. It also shows the time when a message was read. While telegram includes read receipt with double ticks but it lacks other additional features.
In WhatsApp, when you want to convey something to your entire contact list, you can put status messages on your profile. You can put different types of status include video, Image, text status. Telegram lacks this feature. Telegram’s “Secret Chat “ feature enables you to have a conversation with end-to-end encryption among other security options. Whatsapp does not have this feature.

In the case of File sharing, Whatsapp included the ability to share DOC, PDF files but telegram can share almost any file including DOC, zip, PDF etc. with the usual media files. Also, you can share files up to 1.5GHz on telegram but on WhatsApp, you can share only up to a meager 160MB.

Telegram includes Super Groups which can hold up to 1000 members along with public as well as private channels. A user can even send mute messages in the channel only with the ability to edit send messages. But a WhatsApp group can hold only up to 256 members.
Unlike WhatsApp, telegram supports stickers. The app lets you create your own stickers through the @stickers boot. WhatsApp has only the emojis that are good, but the telegram contains more stickers as well. The telegram also has the ability to lock chats and hide the last seen from particular contacts.

In the case of security, WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption. The app encrypts all the chats and data like voice messages, media etc. end-to-end. Telegram on other hands is based on MTProto Mobile protocol and brings end-to-end encryption with “Secret Chats”. WhatsApp owned by Facebook that disappointing lots of users, at that time many controversies are appearing against security.

Telegram is more feature rich but WhatsApp has more users. We do hope that telegram’s user base grows rapidly. But WhatsApp has been adding new features quickly these days. WhatsApp for Bussiness, WhatsApp money transfer, group video call and lot more good features recently introduced in WhatsApp.

Updated: July 31, 2018 — 7:01 am

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