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Take better photos with phone – 5 Best Mobile Photography Tips

Take better photos with phone – 5 Best Mobile Photography Tips: Photography is something really interesting for people. If we love it, photography brings happiness to our life. Every click has value. Photography has the ability to freeze motions. When we capture the best photo, that time we realized our happiness from our deep heart. Lots of people choosing Photography as their profession and many people do it as their passion. Earlier, if anyone love photography, he/she will choose a DSLR camera for their photography life. But nowadays lots of smartphones are launching with advanced camera features.


In the case of Android Smartphones, it available at the lowest cost with advanced camera features and all. So lots of people choosing mobile phones for capturing the best photographs. Smartphones are easily handled and we can use it for our day to day life. Today here I’m sharing some important tips for mobile photography. If you consider these tips, you can take better photos with Phone.

Mobile Photography is really great. We can capture the best photos with our smartphone. Before capturing a photo, just remember these five tips, it will help you to capture good photos.

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Follow these steps and Take better Photos with Phone

  1. Clean your smartphone camera lens: We know that smartphone is a really needy thing in our life. And we using our smartphone every time for doing lots of works. So it may have dirt and dust in lens surfaces. Just clean lens with a clean cotton cloth.
  2. Hold your Phone Stable: When we capturing a photo, you should hold your phone stable. If the phone shakes, the photo not looks good. Sometimes people holding the phone with a single hand and touching on camera icon with another hand carelessly. It results in a bad quality picture. To avoid this, always hold your phone stable.
  3. Turn on the Grid Line: You can enable Grid Line in your camera app settings. Just open its settings and check Show Gridline, and turn on. It helps you to focus on your subject very well.
  4. Don’t Zoom: Don’t zoom your subject when capturing photos on mobile. In DSLR camera’s we can zoom with the help of Lens. But in the case of mobile phones, it takes to zoom in digital format, actually it enlarging the actual photo so we get a bad quality picture. If you want to get a close picture, just move to near the subject or crop the actual photo with the subject. Some latest smartphone has Telephoto camera lens. That kind of smartphone does not have any issue when we zoom.
  5. Find the Best Angle: Focus your subject from all possible angles and choose the best angle of the subject.
Updated: May 1, 2020 — 5:20 pm

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