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NRI’S CAN START BUSINESS AT KOCHI METRO: It is more than one year since the Kochi Metro began its service. The new metro system will reduce traffic congestion while providing safe and rapid transportation to commuters. The chances of accidents are zero. Kochi Metro is Eco-friendly as it will consume less energy, which means no air pollution. The project also creates employment opportunities for many people.


Kochi Metro became the first government project in India to place transgender people in positions based on qualifications, with the motive of giving equal opportunities and initiating a change in public perception towards transgender people. Kochi Metro also provide employment opportunity for Differently Abled people.

Kochi Metro and Norka Routes are also planning to set up a project with potential investors. This opportunity is for Non-Resident Keralites and returns emigrants who wish to start business in Kochi Metro at a favorable rate on rent of commercial spaces.

The offer is to run businesses including a supermarket, coffee shop, ice cream parlor and other shops at various Kochi metro stations. Under the agreement between Kochi metro rail corporation and NORKA Routes, facilities are available at the metro stations with a 25% discount on rent for the commercial space allocations, which could range from 30 square feet to 5,000 square feet. Currently, 15 such buildings will be available at various stations between Aluva and MG Road. With the completion of the second and third phase of Kochi Metro, job opportunities and business opportunities will be increased.

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This is an immediate and great investment opportunity for expatriates. In case of applications from return emigrants, who are also offered this preferential rate, the investment could be linked to the Norka Department Project for Return Emigrants (NDPREM) scheme which offers both capital and interest subsidies to entrepreneurs.

The rent agreement for buildings is from seven to ten years. The interested expatriates can contact the business facilitation department of NORKA Routes.

The contact details are given below.

Email: nbfc.nor[email protected]

Phone:  0471-2770534, WhatsApp: 9136944492

Training will be given in various districts for the applicants who have registered with the Registrar under the Scheme as part of the expansion plans.


Updated: June 25, 2019 — 9:53 am

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