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A New Spam message is sharing through Whatsapp can Crash Whatsapp and your phone

A New Spam message is sharing through Whatsapp can Crash Whatsapp and your phone

Whatsapp, the most popular messenger app. All over the world people prefers Whatsapp as their messenger app. In some countries, the WhatsApp is blocked because of the rules. Social media platforms, messenger apps everything is made for our easy our Job and for our good lives. But at the same time, people use this kind of applications for bad purposes. They spreading the fake news, Harmful contents through messenger apps. Like that, now spreading a message through Whatsapp, when the user is tap on it, then the Whatsapp App and the device also being Hang.


Some popular media reported that “A bug is being forwarded via messages which when tapped, could send not just the WhatsApp Android app crashing but possibly even the entire Android device as well.”

Mainly the issue was reported on Android devices. But this kind of spam messages will be affected with other devices also. Whatsapp is very popular and most of the people are using it. So it’s easy to share the message with more peoples through Whatsapp.

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“As with any message bomb, it involves sending and receiving a specially crafted message with hidden symbols in-between spaces. Tapping on a portion of the text will basically make the app ‘expand’ the hidden symbols, potentially overloading the app and even the OS,” SlashGear reported on Sunday.

“There seem to be two variants of this WhatsApp message being forwarded. One involves a dark black dot that comes with a warning on what will happen if you tap on it which most curious cats will do anyway,” the report added.

When I read this news on the economic times, I just wondered. Why people do such things? What is the reason behind it? I don’t know why. This message is not a harmful one. But when user tap on the black dot, the WhatsApp, and the entire device hang and people get confused and tensed.

The message includes special characters that do not display visibly but are used to change text behavior.

When you see this kind of messages, don’t share it. And also don’t tap unwanted links on messages.

Updated: May 7, 2018 — 5:56 pm

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