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4 Ways to Share Location include WhatsApp and Google Maps

Now, we have well-developed technology. So we can do anything with less effort sometimes we don’t have to make any effort to do something. The smartphone is the best tool that helps us in every difficult situation in our life. Location sharing is one of the useful features we are using with our smartphone. There are many people,  who oppose and favor the location tracking feature. With this feature, we can track our friends and family. But critics argue that government systems and advertisers use the location tracking feature to track individuals. If you use this feature carelessly, that may damage your privacy. But it is a very useful feature if you used intelligently. Today, here I’m sharing 4 ways to share the location. Let’s go for the details.


Share Location On WhatsApp

If you want to share your location with your friend, you can easily do it with the help of WhatsApp location sharing feature.

Follow the below steps to share location via WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp and choose chat box of your friend to share the location.
  • Tap on the Attachment icon.
  • Then tap on the location icon. Then WhatsApp will ask you to grant permission to access your location. Allow WhatsApp to access your location.
  • Then it will move to send location option. Here you can choose ‘ Share Live Location’ to share your live location or share nearby places or search to share any other location.

Share Location On Facebook

It’s really easy with facebook. You can send location with Facebook Friends as well.

You can see a GPS sign, that is displayed on the right side of the message box. When you want to enable the location for the Messenger, press ‘Turn on’. When you send messages after that,  the location is tagged with your messages.

Share Location Via SMS

You can send location via SMS. Open your SMS window and tap on the plus icon displayed on the left of the typing field. Then Tap on Location. Allow messages to access device location. Tap on location option, then it will move to send location option. You can search for a location to send or share live location. ( Note: these steps may vary with your device and messaging app.)

Send Location With Google Maps

Open the Google Map and search the location where you want to send it. Then a pin sign will appear on Google Maps. It will have an address below it. Tap on the Address to save it. And you can also share the address as well.

Updated: August 15, 2019 — 6:10 pm

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