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Save WhatsApp Status on Android Phone without using a Status video download app

Save WhatsApp status without app: Whatsapp is the most popular messenger application. Day by day it improving its features. Today, Whatsapp is a part of our life, it is one of the necessary things. Whatsapp status feature is a top one feature used by most of the Whatsapp users. We can put text, images, videos, links as our Whatsapp status. Update a Whatsapp status is so easy, but download a WhatsApp status is difficult. Because WhatsApp not providing status download feature directly into the app.


We can take screenshots of WhatsApp text/image status. But this is not possible for video status. So people using additional third-party status saver apps to download WhatsApp status. But we can download Whatsapp video status without using a status video download app. Today here I’m sharing the way to save Whatsapp videos/ image status.

Note: Never download a Whatsapp status of other people without their permission.

Save WhatsApp status without app

Status video download app is not necessary for downloading WhatsApp status if you have a file manager app. An android device should have a file manager app. With a file manager app, we can access the complete list of files in our devices include hidden files. You can download the File Manager app from Google Play Store if you don’t have a file manager app already in your device. You can found lots of File Manager apps on the Google Play Store. Google Files App is a good File Manager app for Android. It is a free file manager app for Android.

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Whatsapp status is only available for 24 hours from the time of update the status. You can watch WhatsApp status videos offline if you are already open it in your online time. That because Whatsapp is saving the Whatsapp status temporarily in your device when you watch it. After completing the 24 hours, the content will erase from your device. So if you have a File Manager app, you can access to the stored contents via the app. So you don’t need a third party status video downloader app.

Note: Never download a Whatsapp status of other people without their permission. Use this tip to save Whatsapp status with their permission.

Here are a few steps to save WhatsApp status without App.

  1. Open Google Files app on your Android smartphone, and move to the Settings.
  2. Enable Show hidden files.
  3. Move back and tap on Browse, then move to the bottom and tap the internal Storage.
  4. Then you can see the list of files in your device include hidden files.
  5. Go to the WhatsApp folder > Media > ‘.Statuses’.
  6. To save a photo or a video, tap on the arrow button in the right side of the filename and tap Copy to and choose the folder to copy the file.
Updated: August 22, 2020 — 6:01 am

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