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Trusted Contacts – Google App for personal safety

Trusted Contacts – A Safety app developed by Google

Today, all we need a guard to protect us. Because in India or anywhere in this world we are not safe at all times. We heard lots of security issues daily. Mainly women are really unsafe in this world. According to the reports, in India, the incidents of crime against women increased 6.4% during 2012, and a crime against a woman is committed every three minutes. This is the case of 2012, And now it increased lot more. So the parents and guardians really care about them. Because the insecurity feel. So if we have a mobile it can act as a guard if we install smart safety app on our mobile. Now, here I’m sharing that kind of a safety app named Trusted Contacts, the App developed by Google.


Let’s see what is Trusted contacts, the safety app and how to use it

Trusted Contacts

Trusted contact is a Google app. So we can trust the app, and it really useful in an unsafe condition. We all know that every people if they are working or not face unsafe situations. But most this case happens unfortunately. So we can’t take any safety precautions at that time. If you install Trusted contacts app it makes a safety layer for you. The app is currently available on Google Play Store and App Store.



You can add some of your trusted contacts on this application. It may be your friend or family, anyone. If you are suffering from any situation, the app will connect you with the people who are present in the trusted contact list. The app request for your location, just share your location to Trusted contacts app. If you don’t have any issues now, you can deny the request. If you’re unable to respond, your last known location is shared automatically within a custom time frame.

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The features of the Trusted Contact App Listed on Google Play Store

  • The app works even if you’re offline or your phone is out of battery.
  • Proactively share your location if you feel unsafe or find yourself in an emergency.
  • User can be able to schedule a location alert for a future time.
  • Your trusted contacts can see your phone’s activity status to quickly know you are OK.
  • Integration with Google Maps location sharing, so you can easily enable permanent location sharing with selected contacts and find them directly within Google Maps.
Updated: December 17, 2017 — 4:43 pm

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