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How to search by image on Google using Mobile/Computer

How to search by image on Google using reverse image search

We can’t avoid Google From our life. That much Google has space in our life. Daily we use lots of Google Products like Google Chrome, Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail, Google Docs etc. Google, the search Giant. We always use Google Search for our needs. We have any queries first we ask it to Google. And Google will give accurate results. We just type the question on Google Search bar and click on the search button or just press enter key. Then Google will give the answer to our question. Are you perform the image search on Google? On Google, we can search by the image without entering words using reverse image search method. For that, we should upload an image or provide an image URL. Then Google will give visually similar images.


Let’s know how to search by an image.

We can simply do it by Google Reverse image search method. Here, we use a picture as the search key to find related images from google. In its results, you can find the visually similar images, Sites that include the image what you provide, And also you will get other sizes of the image.

How to do Google Reverse image search on Mobile

Use Google Chrome App to perform the reverse image search. Tap and hold on an image you want to search, then it shows a box containing some options. Options are

  • Open an image in new tab
  • Download image
  • Search Google For this image
  • Share image

Tap on the ‘Search Google For this image’ option. Then it will give you the search result with image size. In the case of mobile devices, Google Chrome app does not provide an image upload option for search images. If you want to upload an image for search, you can use this website named Here, they provide an image upload option. After uploading the image, tap on show matches icon. Then the page will redirect to Google image search result page. website contains ads. It was only one issue I face when I am using this website.

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How to do Google Reverse image search on Computer

We can perform the reverse image search on the computer using Chrome 5+, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari 5+, Firefox 4+. Using the computer, we have more options to perform Google Reverse image search.

  1. Upload an image: In Google Chrome, you can see an image option in the top right corner of the web page. Click on it, then it redirected to Here, On google search bar, you can see a camera icon, Click Upload an image. Then choose a file. Select the image from your computer. After Google Will show you the search result.
  2. Drag & drop an image into the search box: After entering page. Open your file explorer and click to drag the image using the mouse and drop it on the search field.
  3. Search using an image URL: On page, paste your image URL into the search bar and search it.
  4. Right-click an image on a site: Right-click on an image in a web page. Click on Search Google for image option. Then Google will give you the search result in a new.

For more information Click here for google Guide.

Updated: May 11, 2018 — 9:02 am

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