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How to access mobile device remotely

Remote Access Android Phone Easy Ways

Hi Friends, Today here I am sharing something that is really interesting. We access files stored on a mobile device via our personal desktop computer, or laptop, mac etc. It is a common way for accessing files stored in a mobile device. If you think about for accessing your mobile from your personal computer as a remote connection or from another Mobile. Earlier, many of people experiencing to connect one computer to other remotely via Local Area network connection. But Today, the Remote access PC have another name is Teamviewer. That much Teamviewer is spread everywhere. Everyone using Teamviewer for access the desktop of a partner. Experts are also chosen Teamviewer for Remote Desktop connection. Now we can think about remote access android phone from another phone.


People accessing a computer from another computer remotely by Teamviewer. It quite simple and really useful. Nowadays, increasing the number of mobile phone users more than computer users. So if we can have to access a mobile remotely, it really useful. The virus infection on an Android device is sometimes horrible. Sometimes the device really hang. That time we all think for a remote access android app. For that here we have two good application from the team of developer Teamviewer. First one is TeamViewer for Remote Control, and the second one is TeamViewer QuickSupport.

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TeamViewer QuickSupport

This small app helps you access your mobile device from any Windows or Mac computer. So, in the case of device software damage, virus infection any case you can now get technical remote support for your mobile devices from a good Technician via Desktop PC. The user has the ability to chat, transfer files, view device information, stop processes, app list (Uninstall apps), Process list (Stop processes), Push and pull Wi-Fi settings etc.

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TeamViewer for Remote Control

The user can control computers like Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc. remotely. Also can Remotely control from a mobile device to other mobile devices only Android, Windows 10 Mobile can accessible.

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Key Features of the app mentioned on Google Play Store

  • The user can able to Screen sharing and complete remote control of other devices.
  • Intuitive touch and control gestures
  • Can do File transfer in both directions
  • Computers & Contacts management
  • Users can be able to chat.
  • Sound and HD video transmission in real-time
  • Using highest security standards, 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange
Updated: January 15, 2018 — 7:00 pm

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