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Reduce the size of your video and share easily

Reduce video size on Android device : Everyone having trouble in send videos via WhatsApp, Facebook or any social medias because of its size. Mostly mobile device camera recorded videos are large sized. If you want to share it with friends or family, It may be a hard process. Because large size files consuming lots of time to upload. The other thing is the mobile device have low storage space, you can’t stay the videos permanently within your device because of its size.


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These are some common we face with smartphones. Here, I am sharing an android app and it can reduce video size. The app named Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit. And it can reduce large file size of videos to small size. The Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit application is available on Google Play Store with good user reviews. Video Dieter helps you store all your videos at a smaller file size and share your full-length video via WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and any social media or messenger.

Some of the Interesting facts of Video Dieter 2 – trim & edit App mentioned on Google Play Store.

  1. The user can set the Quality and resolution of the output video really simply.
  2. Video Dieter does not lose the quality of videos. The Video Dieter compresses maintains the quality of video after file compression.
  3. Video Dieter helps to enlarge your device’s disk space.
  4. You can share long-play videos from your phone with your family and friends.
  5. You can add your favorite songs to your videos.
  6. Video Dieter user interface is really good.

Best Features of Video Dieter

  •  Easily obtain information about your video’s playtime, file size, and resolution
  •  Trim unwanted portions of the video
  •  Add background music
  •  Set result video resolution and quality
  •  Fast transcoding
  •  Share your video via SMS, E-mail, Facebook, YouTube and any apps you want to share with.
  •  Save encoded videos to albums
  •  You can capture the moments of the video.
  •  Time lapse & Slow motion mode (0.25 ~ 4 speed)

Download  Video Dieter From Google Play Store


Updated: June 29, 2017 — 6:11 pm

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