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How to recover WhatsApp messages, Read deleted WhatsApp messages easily.

How to recover WhatsApp Delete message

WhatsApp, a popular and common messenger application in our whole world. Whatsapp introduced lots of user friendly and useful features so Whatsapp attain the number one position. Most of the people are trusted WhatsApp because they take great security measures. The end-to-end encryption is one of the major security feature of WhatsApp. Earlier WhatsApp introduced a new option for delete the WhatsApp messages we already send. Delete for everyone option let’s you to delete a particular message from both ends if the discussion is only with one person, in the case of group conversation, the WhatsApp message delete from all the group members chats. There is lots of chances to delete important messages. If we delete a particular message from our end only, we can ask for the person to send it back. In the case of delete for everyone, it delete from all chats. And WhatsApp does not provide a solution for recover accidentally deleted messages. Here I give you a way to recover WhatsApp Delete message back.


Just think technically, we have get lots of solutions for it. The WhatsApp messages are first listed under notification bar. If we get the notification history, we can get back the messages. Because, the notifications are stored under notification history. When we delete a WhatsApp message, it does not delete from the notification history. So we can get the message from there. We need to install a third party application to get the notification history. If you check on Google Play Store, you can simply find a best Android application for check notification history. Get notification history app from Google Play Store

One of an Android application to check the notification log is Notification History. Available on Google Play Store. A 2.1mb size application developed by Yotta Studio. You can check the deleted WhatsApp messages on notification history by using this application. Also you can able to delete unwanted message or notifications from notification log by simply using this application.

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If you want to recover your whole deleted messages, it’s easy. You can recover the messages from encrypted database files. But we can’t decrypt the files manually. But we can do it  through WhatsApp. For that just follow these simple steps.

Steps for recover Whatsapp Delete Message

  • Open your device file manager
  • Open Phone Storage, you can see lots of folders and files there.
  • Then open the WhatsApp folder, you can see two folders. Database and media.
  • Open database folder and rename the latest two files. That are the encrypted backup files.
  • Open WhatsApp app info and there is an option for clear data.
  • Clear the data, then open Whatsapp. It looks like fresh WhatsApp application.
  • Then simply doing the steps for activate WhatsApp.
  • Whatsapp asks for restore recover chats.
  • Tap ok and continue the process. After recover your files by the encrypted files WhatsApp restore it.
  • Finally, You can get all your deleted chats.

You should remember one thing, If you don’t have the database files, you can’t get back the chats. Within a time period, Whatsapp backup our chats to our local device that are the encrypted files contains on database folder.

Updated: April 17, 2018 — 6:17 am

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