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Are you interested in Piano? Feel the music with Piano App

Are you love to play piano – Here is your Destination

Music is something special for us. And musical instruments as well. The piano is the most favorite musical instrument of everyone. Are you want to try a piano right now? First of all, you need a Piano and should have some basic knowledge of Piano. The Piano is played by pressing keys on the keyboard. Each key is a lever that makes a hammer inside the piano hit a string inside, producing a sound. Each string has a different length and so produces a different note. So you should have some basic idea about these notes before playing Piano. The piano is looking simple and elegant. But it is a costly musical instrument. But we have a solution for this an Android app. Without basic knowledge and money, you can play piano and feel it. App named My Piano Phone. Let’s see the features of the application.


My Piano Phone – play piano without limits

My Piano Phone is an Android application available on Google Play Store with good user reviews. It has millions of users worldwide. App developed by Son Lam Media, it listed under entertainment category on play store. And the content of the app rated age 3+. We can study the notes of piano for that it has some basic tunes. Just play it and observe it. You can easy to learn how to play the piano. It has Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Trumpet, and Violin.

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Features of the My Piano Phone Listed Below

  • It has different types of instrumental music such as Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Trumpet, and Violin.
  • A beginner can easy to learn and enjoy it. It contains a lot of songs to play and learn.
  • It contains full Keyboards of Piano, that means every note.
  • It also having Chords.
  • Multi Touch option is available.
  • Users can try one, two or mirror keyboards at a time
  • Drumkit also available in this app.

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Make fun and entertain others. It’s easy. My Piano Phone helps you to be an entertainer. Have a nice time 😉

Updated: March 9, 2018 — 7:11 pm

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