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PIN GENIE VAULT : Pin Genie Vault is used for security purposes. Pin Genie Vault app gives proper security for our Android mobile phones. We can use this app as device lock as well as app locker. Also, we can save securely our important document within the app. Pin Genie Vault app provides the end user encryption.


Pin Genie Vault is an advanced file, video, and photo vault which are making this app be a highly advanced encryption based app on the market. It allows the users to select and then add your photos or videos, security notes, logins, IDs, location, important Contacts, secret bookmarks etc.. When you enter the 4 digit pin that has been designed for the particular file, the file only available at that time. Which means the files only available for the right person who knows the passcode of that file. These innovative security features are provided using the state of AES 256 algorithm.

If a wrong person trying to unlock your phone or particular app you locked, the camera will capture their photo each time an incorrect password is entered on the phone. And when you unlock the phone with the 4 digit passcode, you can see who was trying to unlock your phone. Or the phone has an active internet connection, the photo will be mailed to the authenticated email id. This feature also help you, when your device is stolen.

These features are not supported for iOS users because of some restrictions. In iOS, Pin Genie Vault is used as secure storage not as an app lock or device screen lock.

At the time of sharing files, the app is really helful, the user will identify that there is a secure end-to-end encryption supported when two persons are sharing different files. With this file, the users can access the files when the code has been decrypted.


Suitable Devices for PIN Genie Vault: The suitable devices for the user include iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch and iPhone. For iOS, user will be required to install iOS 8.0 or any latest version for this app to work effectively.

Advantages of the app

*  Works great with consistency
*  No more snooping from Wrong persons
*  Security of personal data is completely assured
*  The user interface is really nice

Disadvantage is, if user not set a unique password have some risks.

Android users download Pin Genie vault from Google Play Store

iOs users download Pin Genie Vault from App Store

Some Key Features of Pin Genie Vault Mentioned on Google Play Store

  1. Screen Lock- Secures your phone from intruders!
    Lock your phone with the most secure patented PIN pad screenlock. The magic PIN pad lock your screen with only 4 sleek buttons. Each button includes 3 numbers and all numbers reshuffle after each attempt.
  2. AppLock– Lock any apps in your phone!
    App lock can lock and protect your favorite apps such as Snapchat, Instagram,Facebook, Whatsapp, Messager, Gmail, photos, bank apps or any other apps that you want to keep private, making it more than a screen lock. Applock also can alert you who is trying to unlock your apps. Feel safe to pass your phone to friends and family without worrying about certain apps being accessed!
  3. Intruder Selfie -Protect Sensitive Information from the prying eyes.
    When intruder enters an incorrect pin code, this app will secretly snap a photo of the intruder‘s face and send alert you next time you log in.
  4.  Weather Report- Get the real-time weather info!
    You can check the accurate Weather information displayed on lockscreen.
  5.  Personalization-Make your lockscreen more personal
    Numerous free HD wallpapers are provided in PIN Genie Locker. Amazing themes make your AppLock’s unlock screen different. New wallpaper and themes added regularly.
  6.  Secure
    Option to disable phone for 30 seconds after 3 incorrect PIN entries. AppLock protects your privacy, give your phone All-round protection

For more informations available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.




Updated: January 1, 2020 — 5:11 pm

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