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Keep Data Safe : Best Password Manager App


Best Password Manager – Secure Data Vault

We need to protect our personal data and its sources. Nowadays most of the people saving their Bank documents, Personal information, Official documents etc in digital format. Normally, we storing our confidential data in a protected environment. In most cases, we locked it with a complicated password. Complicated passwords have chances to forget, but it keeping in a document file is not a smart method. Today, here I’m sharing an easy and smart method to keeps your Passwords in a safe place. This is a Password Manager Android app named ‘ Password Safe and Manager ‘. Let’s know more about this application.

Password Safe and Manager

Password Safe and Manager is an Android app available in Google Play Store with good user reviews. Robert Ehrhardt developed this wonderful application and it listed under Productivity category of apps in Play Store. Google account, Facebook Account, Netbanking accounts,.. everything we keeping with a password lock. But if you don’t keep the password safely, then there are the chances to steal your data or money. Password Safe and Manager app is the best solution to this problem. Using Password Safe and Manager app to store and manage your passwords in an encrypted way, so you have a secure storage of your access data and you only have to remember your master password.


Password Safe and Manager app based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256bit. So you can confident to use this app to store your sensitive information. Don’t worry about security, the Password Safe and Manager app ensures your data protection. It is an offline app, this is another advantage of this app, it did not require internet permission. So we don’t need an internet connection for accessing this app. When you are buying a new device, you can easy to import the data on the device. For that, upload the database to Dropbox and import it from there on another device.

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Password Safe and Manager app have free and premium versions available. In its free version also satisfy the user needs. You can backup and restore the encrypted database, Password Generator for creating secure passwords, customizability of the user interface, Local auto-backup, CSV-import/export, Password strength indicator and much more good features included in its free version.

Updated: July 9, 2018 — 6:31 pm

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