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Ottamoolikal Malayalam

Ottamoolikal Malayalam

Ottamoolikal Malayalam is an android app, that helps people for treating by self. The word ottamoolikal is a Malayalam word, which means single medicine or single ingredient. The main attraction and advantage of ottamoolikal are it has no side effects and easy to use. The Indian Rural areas are the major available source of Ottamoolikal like Kerala and some other Indian States. For example, If you are suffering from a headache you have to take some home remedies for reducing the pain before going to the hospital, we can call it as ottamooli.The natural and ayurvedic ottamooli have no side effects.



Why the ottamoolikal is called as a single ingredient because the medicine having most of the time only a single ingredient. Most of the ingredients are easily available ones and one or two ingredients is used for a treatment.


Ottamoolikal Malayalam Android app

The Ottamoolikal Malayalam Android app gives lots of useful information for our daily use. The information is structured in the Malayalam language. So peoples can easy to learn it. The Malayalam is more useful for common people rather than English. The app contains six options, the first three of them brings information. The first one is Ottamoolikal (Single Ingredient), second one is for First Aid, the third one is for short tips. And the next three are Bookmark, Notification, and Sync Now options.

Download and Install Ottamoolikal Malayalam Android App From Google PlayStore


The ottamoolikal(Single Ingredient) section containing 67 useful ottamooli informations or call it as Home Remedies also. The next section first aid having four major first aid information, the third section contains 15 useful tips for Ottamoolikal Malayalam users. All things are described in the Malayalam language.


The Information Including Ottamoolikal Malayalam Android App

  • Home Remedies
  • First Aid Tips
  • Podikaikal.

May be the application is really useful for users. And also we don’t know that the application containing information is completely true and genuine. But we follow some of the instructions that are really helped.

Updated: July 16, 2017 — 5:43 pm

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