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Om Meditation All-in-One

Om Meditation – Meditation App: Some habits make us live a better life. Meditation is a great practice that brings more positive energy to our life. Our daily life may more stressful and we tired of many works. But start with your daily life with some positive energy. Practice meditation every day that will reflect in your life. You may not have any idea about how to meditate or which is the best way to practice meditation. But there are lots of sources available to earn meditation practices. Today here I’m sharing an Android application named Om Meditation All-in-One. This is one of the best meditation apps. Let’s know more about this application.


Om Meditation All-in-One

Om Meditation All in One is a meditation app that is currently available in the Google Play Store with good user reviews. You can find this app under the Health & Fitness category of apps on the Play Store. The app developed by PANAGOLA. As its name says, Om, the app first plays Om Mantra. Om recognized as the eternal sound of the universe, the sound of deep meditation. This app helps users to chant various powerful Hindu & Buddhist mantras in a simple and sensible way.  These time-tested Vedic Om mantras will help you meditate, relax your mind and body.

App features are listed below

  • The app contains more than 20 meditation tracks and custom mantra slots
  • Providing configuration options such as counts, bell, pause, etc.
  • Wordings & detailed meanings of all mantras provided
  • Play mantras endlessly or a fixed number of times
  • Meditation training instructions for beginners
  • Handy reporting features to track and analyze meditation
  • Capable of playing audio in the background with screen OFF
  • Silent Meditation mode.

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The Om Meditation app is a 4.2 M application. You can simply download it from the Google Play Store. Users can easy to customize this application by using their own track, images, etc. Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain mantras included in this application. Try this application and tell us your feedback.

Updated: September 6, 2020 — 5:48 pm

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