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Offline translator app Microsoft Translator

Offline translator app Microsoft Translator

Today, we need a translator help in our day to day life. Because we may face situations like that. According to Google records in 2011, 10.1% of users in India using the internet. But currently, it truly increased. While using the internet we have to face several situations and we need a translator help. Also, we really need it when visiting another state or country. If you are suffering from any language you can take translator apps help. Lots of translator apps are available in market and Google Translator is much popular Translator app. But today here I’m sharing another good translator app developed by Microsoft. App named Microsoft Translator. It also used as an offline translator app. Let’s see the features and more details of the app.


Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator, a great translator app from tech giant Microsoft. It is a completely free application available in Google Play Store. You can use it as your personal translator app. It supports more than 60 languages, to translate text, voice, conversations, camera photos and screenshots. If you are traveling to abroad, visiting Arab countries only you need to download the package of required language for example Arabic. Then you can use the app offline while travel time.

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Features of Microsoft Translator app listed below

  • Offline Translator App: The app allows users to use the app for offline.
  • Able to translate text into more than 60 languages, offline and online mode allowed.
  • When a user scans a phone or screenshot using device camera, the app translates the text over the photo. And the user gets the translated text without entering anything into the app.
  • Voice translation also supported. Voice translation feature used to translate speech, and a split-screen
  • mode for two participants having a bilingual conversation.
  • Multi-person conversation translation supported.
  • Phrasebooks feature for verified translations and pronunciation guides to help users to learn important phrases in foreign languages.
  • Easy to share the translated text with other apps.
  • Users can also hear the translated phrase out loud. It helps to learn how to pronounce the text.
    Pin and save your most frequent translations for later.

Get the App From Google Play Store

Millions of people using this app worldwide. And most of them give good feedback as well.

Updated: March 6, 2018 — 7:22 pm

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