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Offline Survival Manual – Android App

A Useful Offline Application for Android Users

Offline Survival Manual is an offline app for Android users. Its specialty is user can use it in offline mode. The developers behind this offline application are aimed to help people with this application. It is a fully working offline application. So any android user can access it in any situation, while your phone has not an active internet connection also. The app including information on how to make fire, search for food, how to build a shelter, first aid tips etc. These informations are really helpful in emergency situations.

Offline App: Offline Survival Manual

The Offline Survival Manual is not only for emergency situations. You can also use this app while traveling. Everyone likes traveling, at the time of traveling you may have to face lots of dangerous situations. This app helps you to overcome those bad situations. If you are a good learner, the app is really useful for you. It acts as a good guide in a dangerous journey. I just share this application here because of it like a reference book. So I believes, it may be useful for many people. The app is currently available in Google Play Store with lots of good user reviews.


Here, You can see the main contents/features of this offline app.

  • Psychology

1.  A Look at Stress
2.  Natural Reactions
3.  Preparing Yourself

  • Planning and Kits
    1.  Importance of Planning
    2.  Survival Kits
  • Basic Medicine
    1.  Requirements for Maintenance of Health
    2.  Medical Emergencies
    3.  Lifesaving Steps
    4. Bone and Joint Injury
    5. Bites and Stings
    6. Wounds
    7. Environmental Injuries
    8. Herbal Medicines
  • Shelter
    1. Primary Shelter—Uniform
    2. Shelter Site Selection
    3. Types of Shelters
  • Water Procurement
    1. Water Sources
    2. Still Construction
    3. Water Purification
    4. Water Filtration Devices
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  •  Fire
    1. Basic Fire Principles
    2. Site Selection and Preparation
    3. Fire Material Selection
    4. How to Build a Fire
    5. How to Light a Fire
  • Dangerous Animals
    1. Insects and Arachnids
    2. Leeches
    3. Bats
    4. Venomous Snakes
    5. Snake-Free Areas
    6. Dangerous Lizards
    7. Dangers in Rivers
    8. Dangers in Bays and Estuaries
    9. Saltwater Dangers
    10.Other Dangerous Sea Creatures
  • Desert
    2. Environmental Factors
    3. Need for Water
    4. Heat Casualties
    5. Precautions
    6. Desert Hazards

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  • Cold Weather
    1. Cold Regions and Locations
    2. Windchill
    3. Basic Principles of Cold Weather Survival
    4. Hygiene
    5. Medical Aspects
    6. Cold Injuries
    7. Shelters
    8. Fire
    9. Water
    10. Food
    11. Travel
    12. Weather Signs
  • Sea
    1. The Open Sea
    2. Seashores


Here I just include little contents of this application. If you want to read more about this app, you can check the detailed information in Google Play Store. The link shown above.

Updated: October 3, 2017 — 7:15 pm

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