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Should not Install these popular Android apps on Your Android phone

Should not Install these popular Android apps on Your Android phone

When you search on the web for a mobile application for a specific use, you can get a list of apps. Like that, lots of Android applications are available in the market for different kind of use. We always use mobile apps to make our works easier than usual. You should remember one thing, only keep useful apps on your device. And ensure all your installed apps are useful and it did not affect your device badly. Here I’m sharing things about some Popular Android apps that should not install on your Android device.


Some Android applications are offering fast battery charging feature, RAM booster etc. But most of this kind of apps are not as useful as we thought. Clean it, Clean Master, DU Battery Saver, Es file explorer these are the very popular apps and a huge number of people using it.

Clean it: Clean it is a Junk cleaner Android app. It used to free up space in a smartphone. It clearing cache and clearing RAM, but these two process affects your device badly. When you clearing the RAM, it will lead to more battery usage. And clearing cache will slow down your device.

DU Battery Saver: DU Battery Saver app using for improving battery life. If you reduce the use of apps or some features, you can improve your battery life. The same thing is doing DU Battery Saver. It can improve battery life. But the app also offers fast charging, But no app can deliver the fast charging feature. Another negative side of this app is It displays a plenty of apps in the notification bar and it doesn’t even spare your lock screen.

Es file explorer: Es file explorer is a good and useful app for organizing files. But the free version of this app contains lots of Ads. And it always asking you to download and install additional apps.

Clean Master: Clean master offering the features battery saver, speed booster, and phone optimizer. Clean Master is pre-installed on some Android devices. When you check on Clean Master, it makes you happy because it shows the messages like junk files cleaned, RAM optimized etc. But it actually not useful. Nowadays, Android smartphones are coming up with the native handler for assigning RAM And perfectly optimized.

Anti-Virus Apps: Today, Android devices come up with more security features. But I did not say Anti-virus apps are useless. Anti-Virus Apps apps are useful apps. But a good percentage of people did not need it’s help.

Updated: June 12, 2018 — 6:45 pm

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