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New Google App Files Go Free up space on your phone

Free up space on your Android Phone

Google introduced a new app named Files Go. It can solve a major problem concerning all Android users. That is, it can free up space on our android device. Every android phone is suffering from Junk files. And also, within a short period of time, the Android device starts lagging a lot because of the low internal memory. The Whatsapp, Facebook is the common app for all mobile phone users, And daily we send a lot of photos, video’s etc through these social media platforms. But the problem depends on the data, daily we send or receive large media files through these apps and it consumes lots of memory on our phone. And there is only one solution we have, check the media files one by one and remove the unnecessary files from our device. But this process kills our valuable time. So we need an efficient way of facing this issue. Now, Google gives an answer to this issue. Google develops an app named Files Go. And it really helps to free up the device memory.


Files Go Beta: Free up space on your phone

File Go is an Android App developed by Google. We can use this app as a tool for our Android device. It is a small and simple app and it helps more. The major affected factors are media files and applications. In the case of Application, the Files Go removes the rarely used apps with your permission. The app recommends rarely-used apps to remove so your phone memory stay healthy.

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I already said that the media files are a common problem for all android users. In the case of media files, we receive the same file multiple times from multiple chats on messengers. If it is a video, it consumes more space than image. So this duplication is a big problem to us. Here, in this case, the Files Go Recognizes the duplicate media files and helps us to get rid of spam & duplicate images from our device. It also helps to find the important photos, videos, and documents faster. And it allows users to easily share the files offline. Currently the app is unreleased one, so it does not have enough reviews to value the app. But now it has 5 star rating.

Updated: November 29, 2017 — 6:11 pm

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