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2GIS – directory & Navigator App

2GIS – Navigation App

2GIS is an Android navigation app developed by DoubleGIS. It has a directory with a map and navigator. 2GIS navigation app is currently available in Google play store with Good user reviews. 2GIS listed as travel category application in Google play store. And you can use the app for Travel purposes. While traveling, the internet connection may not be stable. If you have offline navigation tools at the time of traveling you can reduce the risk and save your time. This 2GIS app is an offline navigation tool. It works on without Internet connection. For use, the app in offline mode just downloads the city database when the device having active internet connection. So you can use the app on the plane, subway or when in a roaming zone also.

2GIS Android application knows which network provider works in your house, Identify your post office, the distance from the nearest hospital from your home, it shows nearest and best hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and you can take its contact details also.
If you traveling by your own vehicle and at the time of driving, 2GIS will guide you along the road and warn you about the maneuvers using the voice instructions. And the other advantage of this app is you can avoid traffic jams while traveling. Also, if you update your destination in the app, it will notify you the route and if you deviate from your way.


The app also helps pedestrians, it will find the options of going by buses, metro, trains, cable cars and river trams. If you are going shopping, 2GIS navigate inside shopping centers and shows the important things you want there. shops, cafes, ATMs, toilets etc.

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The 2GIS Supported Cities are listed below.

  • Cities of the UAE
  • Cities of the CYPRUS
  • Cities of the CZECH REPUBLIC
  • Cities of CHILE
  • Cities in RUSSIA etc.

If you are the first time in UAE or any other place listed here, you can easily find anything you want there. Because helps to navigate any place you want in these cities.

Updated: October 21, 2017 — 4:24 pm

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