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Move Whatsapp media files to SD Card Automatically

Move Files to SD Card Automatically

Today, everyone using Whatsapp, most of them are addicted to the messenger. So no one is willing to stop chatting via Whatsapp messenger. Whatsapp is one of the best messengers, but if our number of WhatsApp contacts and groups will grow that much the media files are increased. So day by day these media files are killing our device storage. But we can’t say this is the drawback of Whatsapp. Every WhatsApp users are not checking their available memory space daily and also the Whatsapp images. Most of the people have not enough time to check the Whatsapp media files daily. Most of them noticed this issue when they are trying to install a new app on the device. If our phone storage has not enough at the time of an app installation, it shows the warning message. So we need a good option for solving this issue. If you move files to SD Card , your internal storage should not exceed with this issue. Now, here I’m sharing an app named ‘Redirect File Organizer’ it has the ability to redirect any kind of file to specific folders automatically.


How Redirect File Organize move Files to SD Card

The app concept is very simple, the user can create multiple redirects, the redirects are like tasks and that contains some information about how you want your device to be organized. If you want to move extensions of media files like images, videos that means .jpg, .mkv, .avi etc to some relevant folder like video, images etc. The app developed by Xavier Tobin. And he mentioned that only the paid version of the app supports redirecting to your computer. So only the paid version can redirect to the computer.


Whatsapp users can use this method to redirect your Whatsapp media files to the folders located on the SD cards. This app gives three choices, movies and videos, music and audio, and documents. But Redirect File Organizer app enabled users to create custom folders that you want.

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Features of the App

  • The Redirect File Organizer app can Sync folders and files between users phone and computer.
  • Redirect File Organizer app can Organize your computer.
  • It helps to move your video files, Gif files to unique folders. And it has the ability to coordinate music files.
  • The Redirect File Organizer ap automatically manage files from the device internal storage. And it can easily backup the files.
Updated: December 14, 2017 — 5:59 pm

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