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Motion Sickness solutions App KineStop for Android

Everyone loves to travel because travel brings good thoughts, the nice experience overall it is a great thing. We have many beautiful places in this world to enjoy our free time fulfill our mind with great sceneries. For traveling with a group like friends or family we choose a vehicle like a Bus etc. If you have a small family, you may choose a car. Otherwise, for the solo ride, you choose two-wheeler vehicles. While traveling to a long distance, lots of people face motion sicknes also says car sickness or travel sickness like that. Some peoples are afraid of motion sickness even in a short distance of travel. It is a common issue and many people searching for motion sickness solutions. When we affect with motion sickness, we can’t read anything, can’t use a mobile phone and faces so many related issues. So we can’t enjoy the travel. Today here I’m sharing an app that can reduce the effect of motion sickness. App named KineStop – Car sickness aid. Let’s know more about this application.


KineStop – Car sickness aid

KineStop is an Android app offered by Urbandroid, they state that KineStop app can cure the motion sickness during traveling in a car or vehicle like that. Currently, the app is available on Google Play Store with good user reviews. It last updated on November 12, 2018. The KineStop app can control Kinetosis (Motion sickness or Travel sickness), so you can read or watch movies using your mobile phone in your car or on the bus without feeling bad. App size is just 3.6M. Maybe you are wondering how KineStop, an app can act as a motion sickness solutions. First, you should aware how to the motion sickness happens and then how the KineStop app acts.

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Motion Sickness also termed as Kinetosis is caused by the conflicting motion signals from your inner ear and eyes. This triggers an ancient toxic defense mechanism in your brain which induces dizziness, fatigue, and nausea. The KineStop app acts a solution for this issue, it puts you back on track. The app puts your inner ear in sync with your eyes by simulation a horizon on your mobile device so that you can read or watch movies hassle free. KineStop, the developers introducing the app with a nice concept and it works.

They also mentioned that It takes a few minutes before the app helps with an ongoing Kinetosis. But it works without the need of medication. It is not a free app, you need to purchase the app from the Google Play Store. You should pay ₹ 230.00 per item. The current version of the app available on Google Play Store is 1.6 and it needs Android version 4.0 and later.

Updated: December 15, 2018 — 6:56 am

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