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Secure your files and folders on Android device

Mobile Folder Lock

Lots of applications are available for lock mobile device, mobile applications etc. In the case of Android, many screen locker, app locker applications are listed on Google Play Store. If you think about to lock particular files and folders on your device? most of them hold their private data on personal mobile phones. And there are lots of chances to stole that data. If you can lock particular files or folders on your device, it may be more secure. Today, here I’m sharing a mobile folder lock app, that enables to lock files and folder on an Android device. The app named File & Folder Secure.


File & Folder Secure

File & Folder Secure app is currently available on Google Play store. It is a mobile folder lock application, used to lock the files or folders on the Android device. So you can easy to lock and secure your private files or folders. If you lock the files using this File & Folder Secure app, then nobody can access the files. You can make a password protected lock to lock the files. If you forgot the password, at any time you can recover your password by SMS Or by Email.

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For recover the password, just opens the File & Folder Secure application and then click on the forget password option. Then a recovery message will be sent to your registered email or mobile number. So you can easy to unlock the folder even you lost the password, lots of app locker application does not have this feature. Users have lock multiple folders or files as they want. The app does not have any limitations for locking the files. In addition to this, it takes only about a couple of seconds to lock the file or folder.


Features of File & Folder Secure

  • A mobile folder lock application, Easy to lock files and folders.
  • The locked files or folders do not show in the gallery.
  • It so fast and reliable, the user can lock the folders within seconds. It does not take extra time.
  • Clean and User-friendly design
  • The app has password recovery option available. When the user forgets the password, he can easy to recover by this option.
  • Password recover message will be sent to the registered email address and Phone via SMS.
  • Easy to manage all the hidden items and toggle the status between hidden and Not-hidden.
  • It keeps the private files more secure. Password protection to ensure user privacy.
  • Lock Gallery By gallery folder lock using file folder locker
  • Phone Resource friendly.
  • For Uninstall This app click on options button then click on uninstall.
  • Completely a free application, there is no need for an app purchase.
Updated: December 30, 2017 — 5:59 pm

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