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Type Malayalam, Arabic, Any language Easily in Your Android Phone

Malayalam Handwriting Keyboard For Your Android Phone

We all love to chat with our friends and family using our own language. And it possible now. But most of the people have no idea how to use their own language while chatting. If you want to type Malayalam, Arabic or any other language it’s really simple. For anything first I search on Google, unfortunately, I did not search for how to enable this multilingual support on my phone. Most of the people using separate Malayalam keyboard for type Malayalam in their phone. Most of these apps are contains ads. Are you hear about Google Gboard Android app? Google Gboard Keyboard app is pre-installed on most of the Android devices. The Google Gboard app is a multilingual supported app, so you can type Malayalam, Arabic or any other language using Google Gboard. Google Gboard App also you can use as malayalam handwriting keyboard.


Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Gboard – the Google Keyboard is an Android app available on Google Play Store. Currently 500 millions of people using Gboard app worldwide. Its speed and reliability, Glide Typing, voice typing, and Inbuilt Google Search are the interesting factors of this app. Glide typing enables you to type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter.

Voice Typing is another feature of this app, with this feature, you can chat while driving or any other situation. It easily dictates text on the go. Emoji Search, GIFs, Multilingual typing, Google Translate are the key features of Gboard App. It is a free application does not contain ads.

To Know more about Supported Languages Click Here

Before starting your conversation, just take these steps to enable your language.

  • On your Keyboard, touch and hold the ‘ , ‘ Comma.
  • Then the settings icon will appear, tap on it and see the languages
  • Tap on the below button named Add Keyboard
  • Then tap the language you want to turn on your device.
  • Then Tap the layout you want, tap done.

If you don’t have Gboard App, Install it from Google Play Store.

While using the keyboard, you can switch your languages easily.

Here are the steps to switch between languages.

  • You can see a Globe icon near the space key on the keyboard, just tap on the globe to move through all the enabled languages.
  • If you want to pick a specific language, just tap and hold the globe and tap the language you want.
Updated: June 19, 2018 — 5:31 pm


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