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How to make Money Through Facebook

Facebook, the most popular social media platform in this world. Day by day facebook introducing new features for its valuable customers. Recently Facebook introduced two-factor authentication. Fake accounts can’t survive a long time on Facebook. Facebook marketing tools are more useful for facebook users to grow their business. Nowadays lots of people joining on youtube as a creator. Creating their own channel and make a revenue. Like Youtube, we can make money through facebook as well. Today here I’m sharing how to make money with Facebook. Let’s know the details.


Youtube creators get money if their channel has monetization enabled. The revenue is depending on the quality of your content. In the case of Facebook, you can also Earn Money from Your Content on Facebook. Create your own video contents and posted it on your Facebook page. The quality content always gets good revenue. Include short ads in your videos and get paid. Ad breaks help you earn money by including short ads in your videos (eligible videos). Ads are placed at natural breaks in your content or you can choose your own placements as well.

First, you should know what is Ad breaks and the eligibility conditions. Ad breaks are short ads that you can include in your eligible videos to earn money. Let’s know if you are eligible for Ad breaks.

  1. Your Facebook Page should have a minimum of 10,000 Followers.
  2. Should have minimum 1-Minute views for 3-Minute video contents posted on your page.
  3. Your Page should meet Facebook Partner Monetization Policies. ( You can check here to know Partner Monetization Policies.)
  4. You are eligible if this Facebook program is available for your country.

Facebook providing new ideas and support for users. If you are not eligible, try the ways recommended by Facebook support to develop your page. Click here to know more about Facebook Monetization.

Another way to earn money with Facebook is, you can Collaborate with brands that related to your content ot they want to support your content.

Updated: March 2, 2020 — 4:08 pm

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