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Make International calls Free in High Quality


Whatscall  is an app used to call international calls with absolutely FREE!. Now you can make calls to your beloved ones with very high-quality  voice  calls as never before.Top features are built in  Whatscall app.

 How to Get Free Calling Credit.??

By doing simple activities in whatscall app you can  make thousands of calling credits. When you sign up  to whatscall you can make  thousand calling credits . And also you can earn hundreds  of  calling credits by installing the different useful app to your phone. Daily checking  will be awarded for each day checking in and 1000 credits for checking in 7 days row. You can  invite your  friends to whatscall. Through that, you can get 1000 of calling credits each signup.  You can  use whatscall in Facebook, Twitter, Whats app, and so many  other social apps.Newly introduced facility  by clicking Whatscall ads is the newly available option  to earn 100 of calling credit. It doesn’t mean that  you are wasting money on buying credits for phone  calls. And this will earn up to 30 min  of free credits  in every day. It makes a free conversation  between Whatscall  users.  There are different  offers in Whatscall. By making these offers you can  earn  call credits to call Non- Whatscall users  free! You can make a call to any mobile ,Landline  numbers in  more than 230 countries.

How much Free minutes for calling???

For every user and for every day will get 2000 free calls .and additional 30 minutes as a free time. But you have to keep in mind that  free calling credit and  free minutes are not same. But For each free credit will reduce from your  account.Calling minutes vary to each destination country. In different country calling credit rate is different.Calling Credits Per Minutes to maintain Destination  Countries.

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India_110,United States-120,Russia-260,Chia-120,UK-130,Brazil-1090,Mexico-280,Canada-30,Ukraine-1340,Germany-1000,Spain-140,France-640,Italy-680,Poland-270,Turkey-1420,Australia-250,Argentina-1670,Thailand-120,Malaysia-240,Indonesia-440,Philippines-1130,Vietnam-650,Taiwan-980,,South korea-130,Japan-430,Hong Kong-210,

Singapore-60,Isreal-210 and Egypt-540.

Nowadays,millions of people are enjoying this service.And you have to check the app to get complete  call rates.

How Whatscall app is different in call quality.???

It uses IP-PSTN for high quality. We can make  video calls and phone calls with high quality. The special feature is that  make calls with too low rates.

Another fantastic feature is that  we can make  live video messages through Whatscall app. you can convey your messages,video calls,voice call etc…. very clear and vague. This is a unique app,because,any other app  doesn’t have this feature.

You can download from play store and install it. This  app  currently now  available only in android device. Hurry up!! guyzzz, download it  and enjoy the  experience and feel it .And invite your friends ,and collect free CREDIT  and  enjoy talking with them.

Updated: June 17, 2017 — 12:02 pm

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