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Good Android and iOS apps for learning the Arabic language easily.

Good Android and iOS app for learning the Arabic language easily.

Arabic is an easy language to learn. But people think it difficult and join study centers. If you really need a language support, you can easy to catch the language. When you visit Arab countries you need to know the Arabic language. If you not and alone, you may really struggling there. Today here I’m sharing some good Android and iOS apps that help to learn Arabic language easily. Maybe you are a beginner or you have intermediate knowledge of Arabic language, there is no matter. You can easy to learn the language with these apps.


iOS App – Learn Arabic: Language Course

Learn Arabic: Language Course is an iOS app. Developed by ATi Studios. The ATi Studios developer developed lots of language learning applications you can see in the apps store. The app really helps for beginners. The app helps users to learn Arabic in a fast way. It teaches you very well and you’ll start memorizing core Arabic words, form sentences, learn to speak Arabic phrases and take part in conversations. The app includes Fun Arabic lessons as well. So the user can improve vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation very easily like other language learning methods.

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The Key features of the app listed below.

  • The app contains crystal-clear audio and professional voice actors. And conversations between native speakers.
  • State of the art Speech Recognition.
  • The app has useful phrases for real situations. The app teaches you the Arabic vocabulary by giving you core words and phrases.
  • The app allows you to learn conversational Arabic.
  • Verb conjugations, It’s faster and better than a dictionary.

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Android App – Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic

The Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic Android app developed by ATi Studios. The app currently available in Play Store with good user reviews. The app listed under Education category of apps in Play Store. The content of the app rated age 3+. This Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic app also has the features that provided by the Learn Arabic: Language Course iOS app.

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Let’s see one more Android app;

Learn Arabic – Language Learning App

Learn Arabic – Language Learning App developed by a developer team named Quran Reading. The Quran Reading developers also provided this kind of Arabic applications. You can see there on Google Play Store. This app includes English to Arabic translation of some basic words and phrases to familiarize the users with the Arabic language. This app is really useful for who are traveling to Arab countries.

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Let’s know the features of Learn Arabic – Language Learning App.

  • The app contains Arabic alphabets with samples and voice recordings.
  • Providing Arabic numbers with translation, transliteration, and Voice recording.
  • Its Vocabulary section allows users to include Basic Arabic words of daily use with English translation and Audio pronunciation.
  • The app contains Common Sentences & Words category, that includes words and common sentences of daily use in Arabic.
  • Definite Article section covers the use of English Definite Articles in Arabic onward with examples.
  • The user can easy to learn how prepositions are used in Arabic.
  • The app having basic interrogative article translation from English to Arabic.
  • Contain conversations section that includes some basic conversations a person has to use daily in Arabic language.



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