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Launch Your Favourite Apps From Android Lockscreen


This tutorial helps you to launch your favorite apps from Android locks screen as well as the notification panel. Here are some  guides that definitely help to launch your apps  directly from your lock screen. Sometimes we may confuse with the numerous apps in our  phone, otherwise,  it  will be too difficult to select the apps. So  to  solve  this  problem  we have a solution. Here we  guide you that how to make  a shortcut of the apps.


Normally, to reach an app initially  we have to unlock the screen  then we have  to search our required app  in so many pages. After the implementation,  you must return back to the home screen and search for the second app. Here are some certain steps to solve this problem.

Nowadays, Android apps offer you to develop the shortcuts in your lock screen launcher exist such as Hangar such as


Like Hanger app, there is an another interesting and more effective  app  is Launchify. It gives you a chance to frequent used an app from the lock screen or  via the flap notification .

It will help  you on  both the lock screen and notification panel. It gives   service without the time waste, what service  you need immediately that  will be placed on your  home  screen  . And  it looks according to your location.

How to use Hanger

Step 1:- Download  Hanger  from google  plays store and install it.

Step 2 :-   You can launch the app on  Android .

Step 3:- You need the grant the permission from hangers.

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Step 4:- There  you can  see  the option now that ” Notification Bar ” at the top of the general settings simply enables  it.

Step 5:-  Then you go to app section ,select which app you want on the lock screen.

Step 6:- Your task is completed now you can notice your favorite app on the lock screen.

Key benefits of Launchify

  • Quick access:-  It provides a sudden action app you need most on  your  lock  screen.
  • Intelligent:- We can  it as the right app in right time, and also it depends on its time or place.
  • Multitasking :- It swaps  with the apps from your notification  panel  it  will be lighter your workload.

How to  use  Launchify

Step1 :- Download  Launchify, After that, open the app.

Step 2:-  Then this app asks you to “Allow Launchify to track  your  app usage by enabling  usage access.” click on OK.

Step 3:- Then go to settings which are located on the top . You need to enable the first three options which  background tracking,’notification ‘ ‘notification icon’ on the top.

Step 4:-Then you can restart your device. After the reboot, you will get your favorite app on your lock screen.

These are the easiest methods to  launch your favorite app directly from your android device  lock screen as well as from notification panel.

Updated: June 17, 2017 — 12:11 pm

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