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Latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks of 2019

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social messaging applications around the world. WhatsApp is simple and reliable, it is the best way to chat and connect with people. Today, almost every person has a WhatsApp account. Day by day This popular messaging app provides a lot of features to its instant messaging platform. In the last year, the app has rolled out several features such as allows the users to create their own stickers other than the already existing GIFs and emojis, reply privately feature to a particular contact in a group chat etc. But many of us still do not know all the features WhatsApp provides to the users. This article provides the best WhatsApp tricks of 2019.


Secretly read Whatsapp Messages without the sender finding it out

This is one of the most exciting WhatsApp tricks. WhatsApp gives you the facility to check whether your message has been read or not by the recipient. WhatsApp uses the tick marks and if they turn blue it means the recipient has read your message. You can read messages without letting the sender know, there is no feature in the WhatsApp settings, but you need to use the WhatsApp trick for this. For this, just follow the steps:

1. Turn On the flight mode of your phone.
2. Then, read the WhatsApp message.
3. When you have completed reading the message, turn off the flight mode again.

The sender will not notice any blue ticks and will assume that you didn’t read his/her WhatsApp message.

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Pin Chats to the top

Everyone uses WhatsApp and there are lots of people are available in our contact list. Among them, some chats are very important, or there are only a few people with whom you talk frequently or daily. So, whenever you want to chat with them, you need to search for their names. For this, you just need to keep this on the top. You can use the pin icon available on Whatsapp. For this just do the following steps:

1. Long press on a chat
2. Tap the pin icon, Now the chat will always appear to the top.

Show Your Status to selected people

Status on your WhatsApp is a great way to share photos, videos and your thoughts on it. If you want only a selected group of people to see your Whatsapp and not everyone can see it. You can do this by changing the WhatsApp settings. For this follow the steps:

1. Open WhatsApp Settings
2. Tap on account
3. Then click on Privacy
4. Next click on Status, Now you will see three options. Select the appropriate option. The three options are:

  • My contacts – you can share your status will all your contacts.
  • My contacts except – you can disbar specific contacts from seeing your status.
  • Only share with – you can add a specific group of contacts with whom you want to share your status with and others will not be able to see it.

WhatsApp Trick For Formatting Text

You can change the format of any text message that you type on WhatsApp to make it bold or italics or strike-through. WhatsApp doesn’t give any by default option to make you typed text bold, italic or strikethrough, but there are some WhatsApp tricks by which you can achieve this.

  • For Bold: Type your message between asterisk ( * )  ie; *Your Message*
  • For Italic: Type your message between underscore( _ ) ie;   _Your Message_
  • For Strikethrough: Type your message between a hyphen (~) ie; ~Your Message~

Broadcast your Message

If you want to send one message to the multiple WhatsApp contacts at one time then you don’t need to send it one by one, Simply broadcast your message. You can send the same message up to 256 WhatsApp contacts at one time. For this do the following steps:

1. Open WhatsApp on your device
2. Tap on the three dots
3. Then click on New Broadcast
4. Select your WhatsApp contacts
5. Send your message to all selected contacts.

Bookmark & Save Important Messages

On WhatsApp, we get lots of messages but there are some messages which are important, and we want to save them. If you want to save your chat or messages, then you can use the Starred option. For this do the following steps:
1. Open WhatsApp on your device
2. Then go to Your Specific chat
3. Hold on the specific message that you want to star
4. Finally press star on the top of the screen.

Save your Internet Data by Disabling the Auto-download Mode

WhatsApp is not limited to chat only, it is also one of the major sources to transfer videos to each other. You might have received several videos in your personal chats or in groups daily. You can save your internet data by disabling the auto-download feature for videos. Now, you can download the videos, if you actually want to see them. For this do the following steps
1. Open WhatsApp on your device
2. Go to Settings
3. Then tap on Data and Storage Usage
4. Next, under the Media Auto-Download enable When connected on Wi-Fi option

Updated: June 22, 2019 — 3:40 pm

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