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Are you Watched the Movie Aami? Want to explore the life of Great Legend Madhavikutty (Kamala Surayya)

Simply About Kamala Das and Kamala das poetry collection

Kamala Surayya also was known as Kamala Das and her pen name Madhavikutty. One of the great Indian English poetess and a leading Malayalam author from Kerala. She shares her thoughts about Love, Freedom, Society, women’s issues, child care, politics etc. A very open-minded person so she wrote her thoughts very perfect for the readers. On February 1st, 2018 Google Doodle celebrates the work she left behind. It was a proud moment for every person who loves Kamala Surayya. And most of the people are searched for Kamala Das poetry collection. Here I’m sharing an application that contains the Autobiography of Kamala Surayya. And also her other stories.


About Kamala Surayya

She is really a lovable person. When you read her autobiography, you can see her. She truly pictured her lie n her autobiography. Her popularity in Kerala is based mainly on her short stories and Autobiography. Her Autobiography named ‘Ente Katha'(My Story). She was a different kind of person, you can see it in her Autobiography. She really loved Lord Krishna, and she says that it, not Devotion it’s true love.

She was born in Punnayurkulam, Thrissur District in Kerala, on 31 March 1934. She spent her childhood between Calcutta and the Nalapat parental home in Punnayurkulam. Her family is an upper-caste Hindu family. But she did not believe in religious aspects. She just understood everything as her own style. On 16 December 1999, She was at the age of 65, converted to Islam. And it makes lots of controversies. But she simply says “Islam is the religion of love. Hindus have abused and hurt me. They have often tried to scandalize me. I want to love and be loved.”. On 31 May 2009, aged 75, she died at a hospital in Pune.

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When I was thinking about Kamala Surayya, I really wanted to read the autobiography of Kamala Surayya. And I searched for that, finally, I got an Android application named ‘My Books’. And I think lots of people may be trying for this kind of an app for reading Ente Katha. So here I’m sharing the application.

Let’s see about My Books App

Get the App From Google Play Store

My Books is an Android app developed by Vernal Info. It has a great number of Malayalam novels, short stories, and write-ups. You can read the complete Autobiography(Ente Katha of Madhavikutty) on My Books.  Currently, the application listed on Google Play Store with good user reviews. It is a free application. Most of these kind of applications are paid or we need to purchase the book for read. But it delivers books as free. If you are searching for Kamala Das poetry collection, you can get some of the books from this app. I suggest this app not only for Ente Katha, It having a great number of Malayalam stories like Asuravithu, Randamoozham, Pathumaayude aadu, Khasakinte Ithihasam, Balyakalasakhi and much more.

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