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We are all mobile phone users. Mobile phone have so much advantages. But have a disadvantage in our society is unwanted calls. Some peoples make calls to cheet others. Every mobile phone users face this problem. It affects majority of girls. Also today we have a good solution that is “Indian Caller Info App”.


 Indian caller info app provides the flexibility to know the details of phone calls. That is it provide Origin of call, Incoming & Outgoing. When call is received or placed. The other caller information apps in the market  to speak the caller Name/Number with Location and Operator. But Indian caller info app is better and have  advanced features. Indian caller info best suited for Indian users.


  • Information about the Caller.
  • Block the Tele-Callers as well as numbers.
  • Call Analysis or History for numbers.
  • Only Application to have one delete button to clear all info related to number.
  • Makes Call Log entry for calls coming from unknown numbers only.
  • Search the STD code of any City in India.
  • Search the ISD code of Countries in World.
  • Call or Save the contact from application Logs if required.
  • Move application to desired location(Sdcard or Phone) as per memory usage.
  • Added Transparent theme for the caller info.
  • Added a feature in which user will be able to know that how much time is left to receive the call.
  • Added an option to opt for the caller info for all number or for only unknown numbers.
  • Four themes are supported by application.
  • Can change the Caller info Location in Call Screen as per user requirement.
  • Enable or Disable the Caller Information.
  • Search information about any Mobile or Land line Number.
  • Better User experience.
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The application is supports only the information for Indian Mobile/Land line Numbers.For now Mobile Number Portability and Service Number are not Supported.

Updated: June 17, 2017 — 11:55 am

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